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And plants and releasing more heat trapping carbon dioxide into the air. Researchers have analyzed sensor readings soil measurements plant growth, data and satellite observations. And what's the most comprehensive study yet of the climate change impacts of soil? Scientists say is the world continues to warm the soil will release even more carbon that it's been holding. Netflix is dominance could be challenged in the new year by Disney and Warner media. It means net. Flicks viewers will no longer be able to watch hit movies like Black Panther or Moana which will soon. Reside on Disney streaming service. Warner media service will showcase its library of blockbuster films and HBO series about fifty five percent of US households. Now subscribe to paid video services up from just ten percent in two thousand nine according to the research firm, Deloitte, individual channels, like FOX ESPN CBS and Showtime are also getting into the act the research group TD predicts that every major TV network a launch direct to consumer streaming service in the next five years. AP digital news back in a moment. Thank.

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