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Well, I was talking a lot about networking in this in this episode. So let's Network. So I'll be disappointed. If I don't get any new invitations only 10 after this. I just feel like I didn't really my pedagogic skills were very low if I didn't get any invitations. So guys, like if you want to connect with me just to it. I'll be very happy to get new contacts and not get to meet you and I can confirm that Natalia is very responsive. So, so if you if some some of what Natalia shared during this interview resonated with you. Raised questions just hit you know hit her up. She's going to respond and and you know, and and she's she's really fun to talk to Natalya. Thank you so much for having accepted an invitation for having been on on poppy seeds. It's been really great pleasure. Thank you so much. Thank you so much again and always pleasure to talk to you and I hope we meet soon found some other occasion. Actually Papa PhD was also a guest at the welcome Solutions Channel recently. So if you actually curious so I can see that he's not very wage vocal about his own story here at this podcast. So if you curious about his career, and he's very interesting career path so far then please take a look at our YouTube channel and take a look at this episode. Very interesting one so I can totally recommend checking that that is true. But Natalia on Papa p h c it's all about you, but Well, thanks. Thanks for the shout-out in dimension. And and yeah, if you're curious about my story, I had a great conversation with Natalia on on her channel. So just just look for my face and how long you'll be able to hear it. So yeah, thanks again and and all the best for your projects. Thank you so much. And now for the weekly podcast Discovery segment, I present you with trailers from two shows. You might find interesting jolly green scientists and curiosity cake. Give them a listen and say hi for me roll the tape. Hi, my name is are van with Texas A&M agrilife extension and I'm they're grown with Texas Tech University, and we are the jolly green scientists bringing you information from scientific literature and popular science articles related to the green industry straight into your ear. Dome each week will take one or two papers that we found interesting and shared with each other and we'll discuss them in terms that anyone can understand and even though we'll do it every week wage only going to share with you bi-weekly. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I was always one of those curious kids. I had the chemistry set a microscope or telescope. I would take my toys apart to see how they worked. And now that I'm a grown up. I still have that huge sense out of curiosity. If you too are an adult who was a curious kid, then curiosity. Kick is made for you. I'm your host immediately any join me as I talked to the best Minds from Academia and elsewhere may bring you accessible and engage in conversations across a wide range of topics with no prior knowledge required..

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