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It less bouncy in an attempt to reduce offense scoring. Basically if you're home runs in games Good afternoon, splicing. Minor slowdown see track incidents on the northwest side of 35,000 Oaks. We now have a new crash in the area. Traveling south bound at Olympia Parkway with heavy slow down back to FM 3009 party side of I 10 crash, walking two lanes traveling westbound and Ackerman with heavy slowdowns back to Woodlake Parkway. I'm Shannon Sampson. These radios have 100 W. Away. I'm not a bad start to the week. It all could be a little drizzle or Fong overnight with all the warmth in place, a low dropping down to 58 lower visibility's from some fog that shows up by sunrise, foggy to start in a few places Tuesday. Then some partial sun on high of 75 meteorologist sparked a video from the Weather Channel on San Antonio's official weather Station News Radio 1200 Wook. I San Antonio's breaking news, traffic and weather news radio 1200 W Away. I all the good stuff. Yeah, Rubio keeps you on top of pop culture. So last month, the Grammy Awards were postponed from January 31st to March 21st. And now some info is starting to trickle out about what fans can expect to see from the show. According to Variety, instead of the show, taking place inside Los Angeles is staple center. As usual, the show will be held in the outdoor air. The of the Los Angeles Convention Center with the staple center, which is next door, providing a backdrop show will reportedly go on without an audience. But there will be a library carpet and there will be a mixture of live and pre recorded performances, with some possibly taking place at locations other than the convention center. So far, no performances have been announced. All right on, that's what's popping. I'm Rubio on I Heart radio. You're 10,000 steps should have parked closer. You are 32.

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