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Sacramento. TBB HD two Sacramento, KFI AM Pollock lines. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen. President Trump tweeting this morning that he quote will be leaving for Dover to be with families of four very special people who lost their lives in service to our country. The president referring to the four Americans killed in Syria this week due to a suicide bombing. The president also expected to address the nation later today on the border and the partial partial government shutdown now day twenty nine ABC's Jonathan Karl has more the president tweeted, it will be a major announcement. The White House won't say what it is. And it comes as we have seen bitterness and acrimony in Washington. But absolutely no sign of an agreement to end the shutdown four hundred and fifty thousand federal employees are now working without pay. Tens of thousands of other federal workers are furloughed the president's top economic advisor, speaking out on the impact president's chief economic adviser, Larry cudlow admitting the nearly month-long shutdown is not helping the economy you're going to get a temporary glitch in the numbers. But for how long I don't want to speculate on that Kudlow. Says that beside that standoff, I will keep repeating how strong our economy is Larry cudlow saying the president's made concessions to end the shutdown. Democrats insist he has not Andy Field ABC news, Washington. A rare response issued by special counsel Robert Muller's office, disputing sections of an online media report about President Trump and his former attorney special counsel Robert Mueller's office took the extraordinary step of disputing key parts of a media report. Buzzfeed news reporting Thursday that President Trump.

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