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Yeah but what. Automotive is big for barstool right now. Are they're trying to be. What was the remember. Dave who the hell. There's another pretty big i forget. What ringer podcast. I listen but i was impressed with whatever it is time to get kirkman. I mean we'll sell cars will. So how's it going dave. I've made a couple of calls but the problem is that called regional. I can't get to national. I think i'd like that's big agency. Business right there Not you start small. We work we work our way up. Improve our metal. I heard you on friday mention. You hate Ernie boch yes you. Would you care to know an event that they were doing with greg hill up until like two years ago. Martini event that. I do work every year that i was there anymore. no but they i mean hey. Give them credit. They held out. They did yeah. He's just everything. I dislike just rope with a samurai sword He used to have like a rock and roll museum in the town over from me or something. People used to tell me to go to jesus. Yeah love that stuff. I would you point buddy also. Listen i i've got an opportunity for you. Maybe i may be able to help you in the vehicle department I'm i'm calling on behalf of gentleman. Who is english isn't great but he wanted to let me let let you know that that i've got i've got a vehicle. Slight damage by accident caused by a man who did never blinker on. Apparently the blinker when when he struck this gentleman vehicle on the highway microsoft. Hello i'm here. I'm i'm just trying to your interest is the person. Oh okay goodbye. There's going to be an missing that reference me screaming at the guy in the we were on for that like i hit. The guy has blinker was i. I don't remember. This is like a year ago a year ago. When i was mike was here. No pressure like the summer. Oh maybe i don't remember this now. It was actually no. I'm got cold justin. I think one year ago like last week. It was like christmas time last year like around that time. Justin looking at blinker guy. Campus twelve million hills on fucking nails me cheeses. That was unbelievable. Yeah this does not sound familiar to me. And i would remember. Well go back to the archives six. Oh three your question for calling in. Hi one second. Dave in the seconds all ties in of course because we all know. Summer's over what are we doing..

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