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And that's what I hear him that excited to hear both. I wanna talk about that one. But what was how do you get the first wave of golf golfers there? I mean was what was kind of the big break. Did you have golf publications talking about it the height? I mean, this is pre so era. But how did you get how do people end up out there? Kemper sports management has been they do a number of things. Well, they manage their resort at band dunes and do a great job. And I think they do an even better job superlative job in the PR piece. They made sure that all the golf magazines knew about it. I remember golf week did a cover story early on written by Jim combat from Portland, basically, saying links Goff has come to America. And that is, you know, your your audience our readers of for the time being the golf magazines digest magazine Gulf week. And that's what made it happen you guys. And I was one of them read about it and said, gee, I'm going to have to get there. And the first year twenty four thousand km we will do one hundred seventy thousand rounds this year, and these five golf courses putting the par-three and next year. It'll go up with the when the. She branch amazing. That's real it. Really is. I mean, it's it we avid. Golfers will go anywhere to play true links golf, and that's what you know, what stuck out to me, the first links golf I ever played was at Bandon. I'd never been to the UK Ireland, and I played abandoned twenty thirteen and then I got to play just a ton of golf in the UK and Ireland and just absolutely fell in love with links golf, and I came back home. And I thought you know, I'd like to go back to Bannon..

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