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Testing five hundred. Seventy five million dollars that is available to us that we simply need to get appropriate and i. I'm eager to work with the legislature to get this done legislative. Democrats echo that message. Is the house democratic leader. Donald kinski unveiled a counterproposal to immediately utilize all of that available. Federal money and our hardworking michigan. Taxpayer dollars are had taken up residence in washington. Dc instead of doing the work we need done here in the state of michigan michiganders' across the state. Need those dollars here now. Lead republicans right now as we saw last week are holding this money up there holding it hostage with threats of different types of partisan political actions in their fight with the governor when michiganders' deserve action. Right now this battle is ridiculous. You've got the republicans claiming that the the governor has emasculated the republicans in the legislature. Which i don't even want to go there. But they're using this federal money which is desperately needed at the state and local level. It's needed in our schools. As leverage to get more power over the governor and to give more control over the handling of the pandemic to the to the legislature. It is a dangerous game of bluff poker that they're playing right now and the people of the state of michigan are stuck right in the middle of the whole thing. And it's just. It's it's credibly irresponsible. The legislative republicans. These people are not serious people. They're out there playing a role on stage for their crazy. Mishaan mchugh trump base and. That's the only way to explain this first of all. If they were serious about the economy they would not hold billions of dollars from it. Which is what they're doing second. They must know that governor whitmer is going to give up powers of the executive. Would they've been fighting over that. Since she was elected they started trying to restrict her office before she even was inaugurated and they have been trying ever since with bottles. And everything else so. She's not going to do that so they must know that. And even though they're saying things like we you know we've been emasculated we've been neutered trying to signal something with that or if they're just you know pretending like i don't know why they're using that language that's just weird but even when they're talking about that they're stupid about it. I mean. we looked constantly talking about gretchen. Whitmer numbers and how she's doing with favorability. Mike shuki had an op. Ed where he said that a recent detroit chamber poll found that forty six percent of respondents blame whitman's restrictions for the state's economic downturn. Now i'll tell you what. I don't know why that number isn't higher. It's clear that the pandemic and the pandemic restrictions have really hurt the economy. But that same study that he cited finds that the majority of michiganders continued of you covert as a public health threat. Sixty three percent of respondents. Give her favorable marks on this. That includes one third of republican voters by the way forty. Six percent say that the legislative leaders are not doing enough forty over forty one percent. Say they should work and compromise with governor whitmer end over sixty eight percent want the state legislature to pass a requirement that everyone has to wear a mask indoors in public spaces. So if you have access to that data you're using it for your argument on opening up the state. You must know that the majority of people are on governor whitmer side here and you mentioned earlier. President biden is well has numbers in the sixty based on his response is overwhelmingly popular right. Now he's twenty points above donald trump's highpoint is president approval rating and he's just getting warmed up so ultimately the legislative republicans. Just not serious. They're not genuine on their arguments. Because you you can tell by. The weather withholding billions of dollars. They're upset that they can't quote unquote come to the table. They have quadrant meetings. All the time mike schuck he just doesn't like zoom and they don't even. They're not even willing to wear masks. How can you take them seriously. In pandemic response negotiations if as individuals. They won't wear masks. It is it is unbelievable that these people are in a place where we have to listen to them to show how serious they are as you mentioned one of the amendments that they put into their version of allocating the federal money which by the way their bill allocates about eight hundred sixty eight million dollars in federal funds. There's three point six billion dollars in the democratic bill. And it's basically it's all federal money as well but one of the things they put in. There was a requirement that anyone receiving a vaccine administered using funds from the supplemental to be provided with information or informed if in what manner the development of the scene utilized aborted fetal tissue or human embryonic stem cell. Derivation lines what the hell is that got to do with public health and in the pandemic. That's that's simply pandering to their base for absolutely no good reason but the game they're playing right now is the governor has been told you can't spend any of this money unless you also sign legislation that gives basically take all of your power. The department of public health power to deal with the pandemic turns it over to the local governments or to the legislature. And they know she's not gonna sign that it's a poison pill she's not only will she not sign it. They're not going to win this game. We just we just talked about those numbers. They cannot win a game when it comes to public perception. They just can't the other ones withholding the money. They're the ones who are just summarily rejecting appointments which they try to build messaging around and say well this is just because we want her to work with us but that nobody cares about that. Nobody cares about that at all and and pull that. I cited earlier over. Forty one percent work with government. Whitmer compromise with governor whitman over sixty percent. Pass requirement for masks. What are these republicans. Doing what are the reasons why the governor should remain in charges. She can act much more quickly. She's much can be much more nimble just given the way things happen an executive order or order from the department of health and human services can come out very quickly and be implemented very quickly whereas anything that has to go through the legislature is gonna take a minimum of two three weeks and the numbers are changing constantly and the situation changing constantly. Plus our knowledge of how to deal with this pandemic changes constantly the legislature. Just because of the way the institution operates is not equipped handle with a sort of an emergency. And that's why we have emergency powers act in the first place. Just take a look at the situation. With with the high school sports. The legislature had its panties in a wad over the fact that the governor shutdown temporarily winter indoor contact sports. Which makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. The michigan state university basketball team. They've got fifteen guys on that team. Thirteen of them have already come down with the virus at some point in the season their head coach their assistant head coach and a couple of other support personnel of come down with the virus to and that's a much more controlled situation than high school sports. The danger for most high schools athletes is not to themselves. But for the fact that they can become carriers and take it home and infect mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and that is that's the big unknown but the fact also remains the state is willing to take the gamble but it was able to do so very quickly the legislatures complaining the next day elizabeth her tell the new head of.

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