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What's up chiefs kingdom. This is mad stagner prior to the start of this episode. I wanted to give you a quick update just to make sure we're current as we recorded this episode. Ron and i were talking about the defensive end depth and whether or not the chiefs would make an addition a veteran edition prior to training camp and of course what are the chiefs do right as the recording ended a resign. Alex okafor to a one year. Deal the timing of this move was interesting the fact that they signed him. Right after melvin ingram went to the pittsburgh steelers and right before a training camp started. I don't think it's necessarily an indication that they missed out on ingram and took her backup option or that. There's some issue with. Frank clark's availability at this. Time is probably just a returning veteran player that they know can step right in the knows the playbook that wanted to return and would be a good rotational piece or depth piece. It gives them some more flexibility in some more options going into camp. We'll see what that means for results on the field but with that let's go ahead and get to the rest of the show. Welcome chiefs team into this edition of the out of structure. Podcasts ahead. Fried podcast network matt during the by arcade day rod. How you doing today. I'm good week away from training. Camp now the quarterbacks and special teamers or something or maybe rookies quarterbacks and refused report on friday but a week from today. When you're listening to this there will be actual practice for people to watch so where they are guys. What we. I think we made it. Well not yet. i guess but we're almost. There has been a long slog. But we're finally going to see some football soon and some actual news on how some of these players are coming together. Who's made improvements in there in the off season. Who's ready to have a breakout year. Who's struggling to pick up the playbook in camp all of those stories that will be more meaningful than what we've talked about for the last month but will pretty quickly be not meaningful actual season starts. Yeah exactly or almost there. It's it's it's time to overreact. A training camp stories. It's time for national reporters to hear that mahomes through a pick and to start talking about whether he's got his downfall or for some random undrafted free agent of make one play and camping for everyone to think. Oh he needs to play over this veterans so it i can't wait. It's it's my favorite time of the year. Definitely jodi fortson season and marcus up and your dealer and it is jody fourteen sees. I'm glad you said that. Because he is the main candidate for that. What i just said people love to think that he's that next that next extra seaver. We'll speaking of things that the media and fans are overreacting on. We should get to the news of the week. Melvin ingram the defensive end that has been a free agent has visited kansas city. Signed with the pittsburgh steelers for pretty meager contract a four million dollar deal. What ron what do you think that says about the chiefs actual interest in ingram four million dollars. I think that's something they could have definitely done. Especially i know. They don't have necessarily that much cap space on the surface right now but once and i kinda tweeted this actually today or yesterday on monday tarmac through contract extension news needs to happen soon. When that happens there will be plenty of cap space for more things to happen..

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