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That'll hospital after he was attacked by three men in the coastal town of durban the motive for the incident is unknown but police say he tried to offer his assailants a cell phone and money but they instead pushed him down and dragged him to a nearby bush were they proceeded to try and remove his legs with a blunt chainsaw police spokesperson mobile iguala told the bbc that a case of attempted murder is being investigated she described the incident as shocking and heartbreaking poems of alani in south africa archbishop oscar romero of el salvador was shot dead in 1980 while saying mass no one has ever been prosecuted for his mudehwe but it is widely believed that a rightwing death squad was behind it now he's to be made a saint he he is speaking to his followers and el salvador shortly before his death off i would add with a better deal agreed on or off yonahp out of your life up romeva i want to assure you of our fuel perot three fruitful to this promise that i will not abandon my pee clinic but thought along with them i will run all the risks fell by ministry demands i'll teuro wallis is from the bbc's mundo service which broadcasts in spanish across latin america and he told us more about archbishop oscar romero when he was appointed actually he was perceived very much as a conservative priest he what sixty three or all when he di 60 years old when he was appointed bishop was all about and he's one was sexually celebrated by the government and fear by day belonged.

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