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He plays for the Houston Astros. He just looks upset all the time. When he doesn't get a hit. He's just a red behind kind of player. Just look the other word for behind. You. Exactly. I'm talking. But then he pulled an Aaron judge. The last time we heard about Aaron judge of the New York Yankees edge of the Yankees won game too. He walked by the Red Sox locker room and blaring it loud and proud that theme music from New York, New York and Boston did. Now forget about that when they win the series in four games. Guess what was blasting through the champagne in the Red Sox visitor's locker room? You guessed it, New York New York by Frank Sinatra. Well, if Alex bregman wanted to get the attention of Boston Red Sox, I at least try to get a rise out of them. He may have gotten the first part, right? The second part not so much. He posted a video to his Instagram that showed the Astros hitting back to back home runs at minute maid park against Nathan evolved. The who is the third game starter for the Red Sox with the text caption, low pre-game video work. By the way, he had the second of those three home against who was pitching with the Tampa Bay rays at the time traded the Boston in July as I mentioned a game three starter his response to that. I don't have any of the social media or anything like that. The guys have told me about it. I think it's hormone clips, right? Something like that. Yeah. So I mean, I'm aware of. Does it impact you motivate you? No. I mean, I still have a job to do. I gotta go out there and pitch my game tomorrow, and you can have any distractions boy, Alex bregman from Nathanael, we'll see Tamar he's not going to buzz the tower, but he might get a little pigeon. The inside part of the plate just saying Hello. Outscored a Red Sox manager said he had not seen bregman post. Right. But he also added that he does not need. He doesn't think his players need any extra incentive. Of course. Not if you need that to give you extra incentive than your minds, really not in the right place. But I love what he said about this whole deal if you need motivation game three you better check yourself because you win three more games, you go to the show, and that's what should motivate. You also has different ways of motivating himself, and whatever I'll leave it at that. By the way, full disclosure outscore last year was the bench coach for the Houston Astros. So he knows what kind of person Alex bregman is. But then he also went on to say, I don't take it personal. I don't play anymore. Probably when I was playing. It'd be like here we go like, whatever. But I don't throw a ball. I don't have to hit. I don't make errors anymore. I just manage a team. And I don't get caught up on that. But it's always good that people talk about the game. And that's the reason they're talking about it. So be it. But from my end, I don't pay attention to that end quote, by the way, bregman Instagram account. No, log a- has the post of the video. See that's foul. If you're gonna put it up there. Leave it up the Alex bregman leave it up there you already put your name on it. You put your name on it. You're stuck chest out. Thank you. I was with them until he deleted Travis rock cold. That's just. Uh-huh. Don't talk trust fund. I'm all for you. The defending champs. How you I'm good with it. Don't hit delete delete. Exactly, he told the Herman Edwards. He already press present. It was too late. If you know. Buzzer that gets the gas face what he did if you're going to be like her marriage, though, people arcade..

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