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Reserve or being floated one that he filed an hour nlrb complaint with the national labor board the forty was fired implying that he could perhaps bring a retaliation claim of course in order to retaliate against somebody up to actually know that something happened it's not clear google did and there's also the interesting question about whether um california heavens to have more legal protections and state labor law for employee political opinions and political speaks than most states in this occurred in california and so there's a question of whether he might have a color of illegal claim having to do with her go discrimination era job detriment based on his political opinions um if you on a fashion the idea that political opinions are part and parcel of what he had to say him at member will at sounds like it's going to be the nub of the issue is was his view of the political opinion or is it simply an offensive assessment of of uh of science that might not add up right and and i do on if i could just add one one federal pointer that implied by one of the interesting things about the the broad issue here of your rights at work in relation to speech just as with other aspects of the job so much of labour law is state law that it really does in part depend on where you are you have different legal standing on a circumstance like this depending on where you live and local labor laws of the particular state are they do differ quite a bit seamer lieberman you you can working with silicon valley companies specifically in term and as a consultant on on hr that sorta issue as well and james to more has claimed that at google there was a culture that was entirely liberal in their classic liberal consent conservatives sense of it leftleaning and that there was no room for i what he calls ideological diversity and so he saying basically he he literally says uh i'm just looking at the phrase here he he makes a reference to stop alienating conservatives was one of his recommendations to to google the fact that he makes this claim that there is a lack of diversity and that there is a shutting down of of.

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