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These here's our conversation christy turlington burns welcome to no limits sink you it's great to be here it's great to see you happy early mother's day thank you happy mother's day to all the moms who are listening right now including mine happy mother's day mom you're the founder and ceo of every mother counts and i'm so glad we're having this conversation now given the work that you've been doing now lot i mean this is now almost a decade since the film that's right and the entire idea behind every mother counts that's right we launched a around a documentary film that i made back in two thousand and ten and the organization every mother counts kind of was birthed from that film and i had no idea that we would end up doing what we're doing which is we are a grant making foundation and we are doing lots of storytelling and filmmaking and campaigning to make sure that women are safe through pregnancy and birth but at the time it was just i was trying to raise awareness i had had a personal experience sort of opened up my eyes to challenges that many many millions of women face every day with regard to accessing quality and respectful maternity care in a timely fashion and that film just really kind of opened many doors to do work that i think is so important not only internationally where we have grantee partners bit here at home in the us where we are doing very poorly when you had your scare what happened so i had a great pregnancy i was so ready to become a mom i felt like i had so many options i had a supportive partner i i really wanted an unmedicated birth and natural delivery so i i found a great midwife who was affiliated with a hospital here in the city that had a birthing center which is very rare rarer and rarer thing.

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