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It's called top Trump, backer, financed supreme court confirmation fights through shadowy network and discusses is Leonard Leo in the federal est society, the federal society that name sounds familiar. They are the people who have been giving Republican politicians, and particularly Donald Trump's administration a list of federal society approved supreme court nominees. And so Neil Gorsuch. Ambert Cavanaugh are both from the federal society federalist society approved and more importantly federal society supported and Leonard Leo is a name that I worry five years from now we'll turn into the cokes where we make him a boogeyman. But at this stage of the game, Leonard Leo is a name that I think needs to be known a lot better. So this article begins with the picture. That's emerging. Of Leonard Leo is that of a man who saw the Trump presidency as an opportunity to breach as an opportunity to branch out said Robert Maguire, the research director for citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington over the last two years, we've seen him go from being a very behind the scenes actor known for being able to rally conservative donors for legal fights to someone who's taking a more central role. Most of the arms of the network are nonprofit groups meaning that the details of the finances in operations go unreported for nearly two years, which means we're two years behind Leonard. Leo right now, it's very clever. So when n reports to the Internal Revenue Service, do that's when we find out one such report recently obtained by the Daily Beast provides new details on arm of Leo's advocacy, network that was until recently, completely unknown. And that group is a five..

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