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Because Florida state's got all three of their timeouts. They just burned the first one right there. And you don't want to leave them with any time on here. NC states offensive line has been the story of the second half. They have gone out here with Jack chambers at quarterback and taking the game on their shoulders. Grant Gibson, one of your seniors, the leader on offense, who's got 41 starts to his name Has been absolutely burying guys. This group's got a chance to put the game away right now and when your offensive coordinator and Tim Beck looks down right now, he sees a bunch of guys that are frothing at the mouth of the opportunity to win this game. 35 seconds on the clock NC state leading by two, the second down and the 8 from their own 22 yard line, the shotgun snap taken by chambers will hand it off to Jordan Houston and will be short. It looks like I'm a first down, but close. Yep, so another time out here from Florida state, it'll be third and about two right now, which is great. Great opportunity. This offensive line Chandler's of Allah grant Gibson Dylan McMahon in the middle. Have all been doing a great job getting that interior push for this team in the second half. How about right side of this offensive line two with 94 combined starts 6500 snaps together? That's a lot of experience. It's a really impressive unit. And with that experience comes being able to weather the storm and tough moments like that first half. You're confident coming out and making adjustments because you've all seen so much football together. You all seen it with the offensive line we always talk about it. You got to see one thing through 5 sets of eyes. You've all got to be on the same page. 5 guys seeing the picture is one. That's been the second half of this NC state team Third down in two 29 seconds on the clock trips right. Three wide receivers chambers is going to hand it off to Houston and he will burst up the middle and the celebration has started on the NC state sideline so appropriate that it is Jordan Houston that can try to help put this game away a workhorse today 24 carries 90 yards. 3.8 yards per carry as he's getting all the congratulations from his teammates on the field. I'm going to say it wasn't pretty by any stretch right there from Jordan Houston. It wasn't a blow you away running day, but it was efficient. It was critical in moments where they needed it. And they capitalized. This second half is about mistakes for Florida state. We talked about the frustration with penalties back double digit penalties two weeks in a row. The critical mistake on a punt that turns it over gives them points. The interception by Jordan Travis in the second half early in their own end of the field that led to three points and then finally the nail in the coffin on that drives you're driving with a chance for a game winning field goal. First down in ten and taking a knee is Jack chambers, they didn't put a lot on his shoulders. He threw one pass, but today, 39 yards on the ground, he's able to say he led his team to victory in this one coming in in the third quarter of the final year. In Raleigh, 19 to 17 NC

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