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I know that much but beyond that I cannot tell you I was actually look for day-to-day cannot read the article and then I didn't you know save it so now. I can't find it again but wants is around guns or anything. It's like all athletes Hacia late. I Seventy S at fourteen. I'm going to look it up. Real quick fuck. I know what you're talking and. I roughly know what you're talking. We'll get to that but no. I'm not watched demon explorer anything else so flare question next question and looks like the last question comes from Philip winslow they right. Oh well first of all they're it. Eh Aka is America's glorious mackey they right. Which two black women would you like to see? Portray Selina Kyle flashed cat woman and Barbara Gordon in the new Batman Film. I want Asia Naomi King and possibly Lovey Simone respectively now you know who will just Asia Naomi King. She is well. She was bobby over now. She wasn't how to get away with murder and lovey smart. I don't think I know who loves. Simone is not off the top of my head and we look at the picture. I don't know who she is. This is a very young actress. She's twenty. She is either from our lives in New York. Okay are in on Greenleaf. We'll see I don't watch own. Green Green leaves Salem spades see She's a she's a young one but so ben till black actresses one for Cat Woman Wants Barbara Gordon I I'm. I'm like the worst this name me. People were like you know casting I love shorty firm. I thought the Polar Bear Oh oh and I want to see her and everything you know that that's who right now. If you asked me to cast a young African American woman she's asleep the hell out of what I wanna see that woman in everything so until she gets a major superhero. That's why I'm always to be recommended and I can see her as Barbara Gordon. ooh. That's actually Eh Nicole Barry Cobra Harry who yes. I WANNA see that woman agreed to I could see I could see both since the Chaffetz yes she could add. That's what I'm saying. I want to see her. I want to see a really get one like if she gets a superhero. I WanNa see on a series where she can really Ah. I don't WanNa see her. M. C. you in a film because then you know it's more just I whatever you'd air for a second. I WanNa see a really because that will i. I didn't want sleepy hollow but I was. F- employing away are on fought the polar bear Oh yes. She's an amazing actor fought then we can at could you see see or or do you want to have someone that's that's less known. Could you see like a lupita being woman yeah. You got so quiet you. Would you rather be someone I'd rather be someone else yeah. I feel I LUPI already. You know got everything that would be a fire woman. You know it has the She would be a fire guy woman. You know so yeah yeah but I'd rather see somebody coming. Okay all right so that is the Gaup if you have a question be at about Geek and pop culture Cherubini about your own personal life be about you want.

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