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It's insane. So they're they're like thing, though, is I the thing I was laughing about was there like phrasing on their website is pack your bags come to see PX and get your world rocked by Jesus. Oh, no, no. Well, we go at one point during a training. He was blindfolded and taken to a remote location, where group of people pretended to be hostile villages armed with spears. Well, he sure experienced that. He did actually what a fucking that man's blood is on all of their hands. What a horrifying pm to like brainwash people into doing. Yeah. And then put a whole fucking culture at risk than terrible. It's like the hubris in bowl raced. Surely, I don't think he approves. I don't think he approves. Yeah. It's but that whole story. I was like obsessed with that story when it came out. He like he gets to heaven. Jesus is waiting at the gates. He's like hi actually don't need everyone at the gates. You're not allowed in. Yeah. I came here for this high. No, absolutely. Not you need to have a seat, son. We need to talk. But then I like turns his chair around. Nice like straddling. Let's route. And then John gets sent down to hell, right. And the doubles like we're too tight to have you here. Like, this is like a cool place where am I go? And he's like, oh, there's this church. Call ten forty. And then he opens his eyes and he's the trainer. Oh fuck. And then Jason momoa is like is this your card. And then he wants all the. Lady gaga. Well, I think we the book. Yes. So that's the cheerleader. That's the cheerleader. I like to. We're did we we we just left off that she beats him? And she won't just. Yeah. So the very last moment of it as this sort of like little shop of horrors ending where it's like sure she left. But like, he's still there aunt soldiers. Read the light. That was the word. I was looking for. I'm sorry acolyte. Yes. Okay. A word that makes sense. Yes. So she says. I have stopped him thought thought L thea, but what matters more. I stopped myself. True true. True. She walked down the stairs walked out of the house walked into the yard in the sleet and the ugly dark there were no threats. There was only weather in winter. I have no friends I will have to make friends the way other people do one at a time by being nice. I'm not a cheerleader. I will have to get on the squad the way other girls do by practicing heart someday, I will have it back, but I will have earned it. It will be mine, and I will never have to give it away. I will deserve it. The house is still there, although opium moved away. See the handler, it's where the fucking pair of Pera parents. You know, what that's the question. Always wear the parent there on nor John current Joan shells Barron's ripka the hemlock taller thicker and darker when night falls cars do not drive by and strangers. Keep their distance to winters have damaged the tower, one of the shutters. His come loose..

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