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We'll miss your like your like the like the middle heaviest you ever been. Somebody like two eighty not talking about this. You pizzas shit so it's really nice being guest. We've all struggled really our way. We're all at various phase batch Aamer. I'll turn spoon nation against you. Let me tell you I will say this as a former fat ass and a nation should switch to sports commission. They will get me calorie you issue. The spoon is holding a few more calories yeah. I think we'll we'll get to the desert later but I mean that if I sport I don't know interesting you might have eaten lasts without with something with some prong. That's what I'm saying I was on. I was on a four pronged diet ray. I only ate with utensils with four. That's a that's a really overlooked part of weight. Loss is how Eh prongs per silverware again oyster. Forget that the fuck out of this fuck you I was going to say so this is yeah as as someone who is very who is very heavy and is and then got leaner and his on the way back to being heavy. Eh hopefully I'll recover but I'm fat now but like you don't get the goodwill of like Oh. I get to be used to be fat so I could make fun of a fat guy that people are like hey what the fuck are you. Making Fun of. People yelled at me for doing that for Mitchell. Let's let's say I only do it. I only do it too much because he acts like he doesn't want you to do it but rarely his his like self. Esteem is so fucking low. He knows that's can't when people pay attention to him for being fat. It's this this Shit Mitchell family attribute. It's like you're like no peeking saying you don't want so. They don't really like miss like if you would have peaked. How would you have done it not say you did but the O._J.'s made sure I'll go with that? Can I guess how saw hole in the floor like a cartoon. I was thinking more like like revenge of the nerds like you run a like a small fiber. Oh Oh yeah very camera through the ceiling address Darth Vader I if I would have done it will make you know that you know that the it's the third it's a three story great drop outside that window. That's true with a windows out of the question do that. I'd probably just say my forgot something here. I walk in simple. I like yeah and then and then just a little oops. Sorry my eyes work mom. This is fucked up. I can't joke too much about the sorry I have vision. Mitch get to inform you that the store you just told has just been bought and will be he published by the Fred Goldman Estate. Here's what I would have. A family is GonNa make some money off of it so it could be wearing your story on Jersey just like O._J.'s. I got in and said Yeah. I think I said something like. I thought you didn't say no. I thought you said peaking right yeah way so we have to do. This is a scenario where I want to see my mom showering. I just said WHOA. That's you saying saying that I posited the question of how would you have done if you did it if you had you needed to get yourself into the mind set of someone that wanted types. That's what you had to do. That's fine you know pie. I would have used the pipes. Come up through the toilet okay..

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