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To you. Oh by the Everett clinic, you'll love the fall. But not the flu the ever clinic cares for that. He quality treatments that their fifteen clinics throughout the king and Snohomish counties visit care for that dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. Now from Cairo radio news room and streaming on the KIRO radio app. The Lewis county sheriff's office is providing security right now as the health department rounds up sixteen German shepherds in mossy rock that have been terrorizing the neighborhood. Kiro seven reports the dogs are going to animal shelters and Louis Thurs. Thurston county? Meantime, new information could explain why a mutated dog was found in Thurston county. But the reason still isn't settling local fears sheriff's detectives are waiting for the results of a net crop seat. But they do not believe this dog was the victim of the Thurston county cat killer. It was a shocking sight for the people who found the dog with its paws and tail cut off. But detectives say the animal may not even have been the victim of foul. Play one source tells KIRO seven the dog may have been part of a taxidermy project over the last year. More than a dozen cats found mutilated in Olympia, Tom water shocked the public and triggered nightly patrols to try to find that killer. That report comes from Cairo radios, Jillian Raftery Seattle. Zone study on homelessness and homeless services claims. The situation is improving. The city says it saw a thirty five percent increase in the number of homeless entering permanent housing in the first six months of this year. That's compared to the same time the year before Seattle credits, the use of enhanced shelters those with twenty four seven wraparound services for moving the most people into permanent housing today. Seattle mayor Jenny durken is visiting LA for ideas to reduce those numbers, even further the possibilities include large sprung, tents that can hold more than one hundred people being used in L A and other California cities Ron and Don we'll have more on this story coming up an epi pen shortage caused a spanaway five spanaway who lives in five five who's five year old boy to stay home. But that's about to change. Key to Morris tells KIRO seven her son has been forced to stay home because she couldn't refill a prescription for his epi pen because the pharmacy was out every day. He goes mummy. Well, how come I can't go to school? Nigel you're going to go to school. We'll figure it out soon. After KIRO seven aired the story. The maker of epi pen Mylan reached out and offered up more epipens for families experiencing a shortage. A look at your forecast. Now, you know, we're looking for some increasing sunbreaks.

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