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In the closet literally in the closet but also figuratively emotionally sexually and in that period she that character doesn't know she's gay she doesn't know she's gay she has these feelings for men and women and she has to this is a coming of age for many of them for all the young people so i basically grew up with the beatles i'm the little girl in the movie who's the blonde girl who opens the door and looks at her older brother and sister that older brother and sister model very loosely after my brother and sister and my family and the hell that my family went to the vietnam war and the psychedelic and the lsd and my sister was a radical lori and was in sds and she didn't drop bombs molotov cocktails but are but her husband did he was he was seriously radical she was more of a move or more activists like lucy she would have been that and my brother was a college dropout and he enlisted into war early but was rejected thank god but he thought he'd just go to the war and one of the lines in the movie is he thought he would go into the army and play play play chess and box it was before people knew how bad vietnam was going to be and he was musician so i lived through that time watching what was going on i also was in the bread and puppet theater so i had marched in one of these giant vietnamese ladies against the war later as i was getting older like fourteen or fifteen and so i worked with these two older brits and made it more american but also i felt at the time we were going to be committed to just beatles john paul george lennon's music john paul's or ring music ringo did actually get credited for one song but i felt the reason i added sadie joe joe to the equation was because the the these musicians were very inspired by african american music as were the rolling stones and almost all the band right bands of that period were totally inspired and influenced in some places too far went too far and actually stole stuff but anyway i felt that that the other two great musicians of that era jimi hendrix and janice joplin that i could represent them and that feeling in how i cast the other characters so martin luther is not an actor he was a great singer and guitar player he plays it's like most of ninety five percent of it is sung live and perform live but he came in his joe joe we auditioned him and he clearly could act and the same with dana fuchs who who has a band the data few expand had play janice joplin off broadway but i just i saw at a small club here and i really thought i gotta have that voice so when you start taking darlan and you put it with that voice the wall raspy or or helter skelter and she also why don't we do it in the road you know it takes it out of the sweet white boy thing and i mean the brilliance of the the beatles is that they sang these songs as fifteen year old girls is what i always feel is that the reason you see these girls screaming in the background and the foreground is they wrote songs like i wanna hold your hand hold me tight all my lovin now there isn't a young white male band today that would sing a song that they're singing from the sentiment of fifteen year old girl who's falling in love with the first time and that's why it connects it connects and i didn't appreciate those early beatles till i really delved into this musical and then elliott goals my other half who did the score and he did about eighty percent of the arrangements we just so fell in love and admired these songs how brilliant they are so those songs moving from those into the psychedelic era into the crazy stuff that bono sings i am the walrus and.

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