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Guy's house harshly. That's what I thought we get. Jim Vanda high. This Vanda high. You wore a brewers fan. You're taking on actually actually think the two hottest teams in baseball right now where the dodgers and the Astros I fear them both as much as I feared the New York Yankees. And I guess if I know more than two people on the brewers roster because in central time zone, fear them too, but you guys have a great team. A lot of people say you have the hottest team in baseball. What do you think about the the dodgers? There's no doubt where the hottest team in baseball. We've one dozen in a row. We knocked off the cubs when nobody thought that we were going to be able to win it. You guys have these teams that win all the time. I was at the World Series and nineteen eighty two. When I was little Jimmy, who was eleven years old a long time. Paul Molitor so I don't. I really don't have. I don't really have much compassion for your whining about what happens on the Yankees. Red Sox. The amazing thing, though, Jim, if you go down the the rosters and see who's who's got who's carrying the heaviest load financially the brewers. I mean, you guys are at like twenty twenty one twenty two. You guys of course the as our next to last talk about moneyball but you guys are playing your own version of moneyball in Milwaukee. I yes. But I'd say less than we used to for the first time we're actually trading getting players. We're actually trying to sign people to contracts. We got yelich or able to get players in a way that we did for a long time brewers, he small-market teams most often we're screwed because you guys go out and spend two hundred and twenty two hundred fifty million dollars to load up your rosters with basically treating us like AAA clubs and every once in a while we get a good owner and they spend some money and you start to win games. And then he started to sell your stadium and it does become a fi wheel of its own. So to good lesson, yeah. By the way, most of that money goes to orphanages around the Boston area. It does not go to payroll so so yeah, and then talk it, it's it's a sad story. I'll tell you about it later. So gem, let's move from baseball to the United Nations. Why did Nikki Haley leave? You know, we have to Ben trying to figure that out all night. You know, there's no doubt she wants to run for president. I think it's twenty twenty four that she's going to run this reporting that she might do in twenty twenty seem silly to me. I think if you wanna run in twenty twenty four and you want to leave the White House on your terms. And I do think there's probably it's not a coincidence that she left after the cavenaugh stuff so that in retrospect she can say that she kept her concerns to herself. But when she couldn't tolerate some of the stuff around her, she still left. She's one of the few people who's left the White House without being sort of leaked about enforced out and said that Trump is turned on her, and so she couldn't. She did kind of flip the script on them. Now creates an interesting opening because the president, you know, he doesn't usually. Care that much about the optics of having a mostly male White House. But on this one, I think he really would like to get a female in the White House as it gets why he said, Tina Powell is at the top of the list of people that he would like to replace Nikki Haley. Obviously, Dina Nikki were quite close that they can stay in his job if she wants the job, not clear that she does, but there are male elements inside the White House that don't want her to get the job. I think John Kelly is probably one of them, John Bolton, Breitbart once again, sort of stirring up some opposition to Dina. So I think we'll know in the next twenty four to forty eight hours whether or not she takes it if she doesn't big group of people, I think that wanted not clear who get it. Yeah, I, I'm not exactly sure why anybody who claims to be a Republican or a conservative would oppose Dina Powell. She, of course, as you know, we were there at the same time when you were reporter and I was serving..

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