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It you gotta pitchers like wow i that's my favorite show like can i have his email so then i e mailed matt kelleher who passed me over to matt recruitment and i emailed him back and forth for probably a year plus got into process persistence and then i kept emailing kept emailing them and then i went into the process and it worked out this is the odds against you in your mind must have been a million to when it started a billion would be nobody there would be nobody in your experience who had done this or knew how to do it and you would think i don't even know if i could do it at all i've been getting texts from everyone wants they heard what i was doing like oh my god that's incredible jealous how did you get that how'd you get that i think i've inspired out my friends these tried to do this kind of thing because it's just not heard of where i'm from my provinces five hundred thousand people in it so they're really really not a lot of people front so someone to do something like this it's pretty cool i'm freezing all the time you said last week it was snowing there there's a frost warning last night in town this is record this is not normal but there was a frost warning last night jim in june late june now newfoundland is the is the province that there that's like the aggie jokes of the united states right everybody makes fun of new fees what is the prevailing opinion of newfoundlanders about those jokes feel like i'm not going to stand for everyone but i feel like if you say new feet in an endearing way no one has problem with like i don't have a problem with it but if you use new fee derogatory term that's where i think people get upset but some people just like everywhere else with gibbs at even the word new people it doesn't bother me and like i think i stand for a lot of people say that's foolishness like that doesn't really matter but if you use it in like a goofy new fi kind of way like saying you're stupid that's when you start to take offence to so canada is enormous and it spread out it just it's so i guess the only larger country in terms of east to west is probably russia it's second and there's like how many times owns in canada now are there five or five his is the liz atlantic his is the no his honest what it is this is fantastic it's an hour and a half a head of eastern time and is the only one and a half an hour let's hours that's craziness newfoundland and labrador's province and it's split laboratories part of the hour plus newfoundland which is the same province has its own time zone and it's hour and a half where's gander is that a newfoundland or land saint john's which is the capital capitals that's very east that's chris america ganders in the middle central so it's about three and a half four hours outside new plant right no that's inland did you ever mush doll did you ever do that did you dog mush ing i actually did that in canon not newfoundland bhai did that up in my sister was in moscow in calgary so visited her and we went into the mountains and band oh do you do in their beautiful where you live do they do they are they separatists do they want to be part of canada do they feel it they're canadian or did they feel that they're no that they're in the special thing newfoundland i think i think everyone knew flint i canada everyone loves cannon and be happy departed canada and i love but it's a very proud proud feeling to be from newfoundland and i think everyone really kind of grabs onto that goes with within the end if anyone makes it big you know about it it's five hundred thousand people like it's very rare to be there was six ehich others which is i huge so like now there's nothing in there anymore but it's you know when someone makes a big which is a very big sense so of course i s stupid questions when i first met him like to give donald's idea fast food live to timour jim we have we have we are functioning very high pt when tony pti says goodnight canada isn't that what you said well how was that received in canada is that like a.

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