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More it progressively becoming more difficult difficult as you go along in till you reach your max heart rate so what we're tracking during that time period of not only your where you're starting your heart rate and then where if we can reach your peak heart rate but we're also measuring the amount of oxygen and c o two output that you have in your body to be able to tell you whether or not you're training aerobically that means with oxygen or anaerobic lay without oxygen when you start expelling more more carbon dioxide and you're taking in off oxygen that's without oxygen anaerobic so we can show you and monitor through that test when you're actually training aerobically which is the lower level and we we relate that would what your heart rate is at that time so for example someone starting out and exercise tests they're going to be aerobic it's a low level of exercise their heart rates going to be a bit lower and then they're going to get the point where they're out there and rubik threshold that's when they start comparing the energy path worry over into instead of burning primarily fat as its feel source converts over and starts burning carbs carbs like for a for fuel and then when you're anaerobic we'll be able to bring those with which heart rate zone here at once you start going anaerobic and see how much further you can get and the test and ideally someone that during the test will reach their peak heart rate and then we'll be able to show them okay you reached here's first off where your heart rate is off here's your heart rate training zones when you were actually we know that you were utilizing fat for energy at these own and we know that you were anaerobic at these though so depending on someone's program if they want to be fat burning and working at a lower level instead of using a calculation of.

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