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Oh this is an read through it and go like this is what these guys do. This is why they're cool. I can pick up the stark decking like this is a very clearly different from the select. I looked at and this is how these guys function so as we dive into some of these tactics cards. Then that you guys have revealed an could we maybe also address on like how you guys a faction identity being. I know there's a pretty good idea in the community already. But i can't help think back to for example and you've mentioned this to in the past but when the night's watch i came out you know the example being those like you know the stars came out and people pick the stars set and they played a jon snow. He had a recurring healing element and people are like. Oh that's nice. Wasser all about veterans and healing and and those elements and then as the faction kind of came out more and we somewhere units. It was something else and we. We're only looking at this one small little piece and we didn't really see the big picture and so maybe as we these taxes cars. Do you think maybe you could speak to like how you guys see. The the factions identity being for each house and and maybe how those tactics cards like play to that. Yeah that seems great awesome. Oh man okay. Let's start off with with house. Lancaster here so we've got subjugation of power. Which is a car that you said is going to replace wealth of the rock in the tax exempt that we currently have which i find kind of surprising as it kind of struck me more as possibly being closer to somewhat like paid mutiny..

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