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He needs he needs to be molded. Like the rocks. dodgers exte- for like two years. Now yeah like that's when he needs good down there chill like get some real time in yet i'd he hasn't sunk in the sink or swim scenario. But he ain't out there breastroke national doggy paddy at best. Keeping his ed afloat. So we'll see how that happens. Awa wise the numbers. Keep going down because they're on friday. Listen calm down. The numbers go back up when they go back to their normal day of wednesday. Here's playoffs playoffs. Chill yes not a huge deal. Hell i will say this though. I will say this the dynamite after dublin. Nothing to close with dustin rhodes what the fuck was at mike some type of whip match that was shady why they would debut. That was that was a very strange day. Get him away from vickie guerrero as far away from our no. Let's not do this again. She adds nothing to the character. Wouldn't have been so much better if like. He just walked out in the middle of something just like from the crowd. Yes while or on the paper of you just hack ominously at the end. I'm totally fine with him. Doing this on dying. I'm totally fine with when it's on a friday. Not when it's on a friday you're absolutely right. I guess they had to debut. I don't know i would have been fine. You know the vickie guerrero thing and like no music and since we're and andrade as like a top tier talent like into it. The fans were excited until he saw this weird. She called him down. Just give tia. Trinidad the bag reunite them and let's let's go give him some music and let's let's shoot them to the mall now gain crowding crowded though so yeah but then got more pay per views and they don't got more titles so shit is getting crowd did i. I never believed that. Because you have more talent more titles i am as never been you know But as long as they have more shows and they can move some of the talent that needs to be developed under these other shows. 'cause everybody doesn't be on pay per view either tom but i i also need a battle royal on every paper. No i don't we don't need that either. We don't need a battle royal on every pay per view. Either as long as the future meaningful in your grooming talent to get better and you're moving them up. I'm fine with that 'cause like private party. They still break ally. I like it was people like it was talent but i still feel like they're still figuring out adding nothing to them either right now like i dunno it needed new music new outfit near lean more into who they are normally Free lax arana subject. I don't mind that story lied but still really This give tadic season. Let's make our predictions because the show is running long And exceed good. Go home show yes. A tag matches owes invested in everything. Triple h is reaction to the index. Like poppy being there hugging dexter lewis the like That shit was so funny. I was perfectly well done. I'm like that angle. Dexter lewis is wrestler. Garib him in indies credible angle there. I'm yoshii staying. Made my hartfield good. Yeah 'cause i haven't seen her wasco with god that pull up to main roster going to get to kabuki warriors but no har coming back out. I think that's really good so like the way that they're going there. We get a good tag match. Tease already for next week's So probably the dark match this so everything. Cool about this week's episode going to the match card itself. Brunson read an ms k. I liked that. They've kinda paired them up together versus godoy del fantasma. Yeah and i liked that it's winner. Takes all with the championships. This a smart way to get all that talent on the card. If you're gonna do bronson read verses santos anyway i. I think this is a cool way of including everyone is gonna make for a good match. None takes all his fun. I don't we don't see. I don't know i think it is fun. Don't be wrong. I think the idea. The concept of is fine. But i just bronson read in. Ms kay's is a weird buried to me. Yes but they both got beef. Like i don't see them as like a over chummy. Oh no i don't we. We got beef with them their crew. We're going crew up. But i guess what makes it. Weird is to do a winner. Take all match with somebody. You're not really familiar with like that. Hey you're lying a lot on the other person. yes. I'm going to war with some. I don't even know you dog. And i got all my titles aren't alive so but i think the still slap i think these guys who actually they'll get it in bronson read. I don't know the mike work. But i don't know he's a fun wrestler but i don't know the jolly big man never strikes never strikes me in a good way. Yeah you know the camera. Fix the us with him. Drive me nuts year the shake yes now but the. I just happened to be here. Big man you need some type of edge even if you're a baby face needs some type of edge who you picking brought. He's not dropping that boston read. Ms msk But santos says take vin. No he raoul mendoza so get it protects them. I would have really liked to see this used main roster when the new day had all the belts or an icy title that's dope Could've used it for undisputed era. I'm like this relation all or nothing. Get it yeah. But you made the point like ill when we're faxing a we have the belts. We trust each other put online this time the people with the belts..

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