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Has led to a whole new audience for some of them. WCBS is Mike Sugerman as today's difference Makers story, It's your birthday. What do you want a big brass band on his fifth birthday? That's what Georgie wanted. He'd see the brass queens outside his window in Brooklyn, marching in the protest time way, come down with our signs in our boners, he says. Where's the bat? His mom. Jimmy Caldwell made sure they were here on this breast, queens or an all female brass band in New Orleans second line, we found a second career not by choice. As long as it keeps positively in the world will keep doing it. Elizabeth Arcee and bandmates all their gigs disappear when the virus spread the queen spot back from the joy. Everyone's been in lock down, enjoying the music. So around the neighborhood trumpeter Alex Harris to be a part of people's personal lives like this, rather than just Performing at a club or something. Where there in the audience of Farley from us, it's It's cool to have this team during this time, been donating a lot of money We've been getting in making sure to spread the love because everyone's sort of struggling right now that saxophone player just a Murdoch. Nearly five year old Georgie pronounced it a success. It was on a crowded, busy Brooklyn street stage. The brass queens are getting more accustomed to playing continuing in their words, kick brass difference makers. Mike Sugerman WCBS NEWS Radio 80. This old Tuba player loved.

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