Russell, Cubs, Manny Machado discussed on Chicago's GameDay


To october then you to it if you're trading for him just because of october then you don't do it that's my feeling and we won't know about either of those questions until july at least you gotta get this team time what if they lead the league in runs scored would you trade the assets you have for manny machado yeah let's let's see how this offense goes russell that to be one of the guys who would go because you're not gonna you're not gonna bring over machado and russell so he'd have to be the one guy at least one guy that would go so yeah i mean i was born in the off season because we weren't sure what this offense would look like again i said this types it does sound fun it does sound fun now but you know what did what did billy being do a few years ago with the ace he had pitching he traded for all sorts of more pitching and it didn't do him any good though i mean the cubs lead the league it runs or right there i mean why why would you give up a ton for manny machado they're and here's the other thing there are going to be more teams more desperate right the dodgers obviously would would be more desperate now if he falls into their lap different story but i don't know how manny machado would fall into the cubs lap so it seems like a luxury i say this coming up these five games where they've scored fifty runs but it seems like a luxury they they they don't need of course if the cubs go to take offense i might feel differently that's why this is a question for july ninth well i don't understand why we're talking about this now it's just it's way premature juicy what do you make of the situation with ben zobrist in his black cleats that major league baseball does not want him to wear and we'll find him if he keeps wearing them the of course.

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