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For burgers bed in the majors the last four years exactly yeah yeah he had like eighteen home runs there shorter never hit that many and he he was their guide so he's always had this potential just never stayed healthy well you'd be surprised that I can make out right okay give us your thoughts on Bumgarner and and and then the trade deadline in the in the whole fan because that's kind of the big topic we've been thrown around the last two days what do you do thank you they're right there for the longest time we thought well they won't be in its trade these guys looking better for the future but we cannot Dickerson council on all three counts later come back into its latest count on long before it gets hot before he got injured but now this team as the call but it's like now what yeah when you have these miracle runs you need players to have career seasons you need but Andres Torres in two thousand ten you need a marker scooter hitting three forty three like he didn't Alex Dickerson Donovan slot open those guys and to me you can still trade out of that bull pen surplus that you have maybe get rid of dice inner moron to or bring in someone else because you've got a little more depth coming up from triple a maybe Sam Selman comes up ray black it's got a great fastball so you can fight him in but right now I think they've almost play their way out of trading Madison Bumgarner because as long as they stay within striking distance of the wild card you've got a situation where this team can still compete they can still contend and imagine the vitriol they would face if Madison Bumgarner is pitching against them in the wild card game on October first you can't trade into an actually team right now because that's a realistic possibility and we got Johnny Cueto coming back that they're going to have a good solid rotation maybe they need one more arm but this is a team that could theoretically when eighty seven eighty eight games now and that's a wild card Crowley to residents for the bay area news group is joining us here live the patio rod Brooks Tom Tolbert merry Krueger my thing is the giants are confident because of scoring runs it is not just a score runs differences right now saying it is not just a largely about Superman stop you see Brenda Crawford getting back to being branded Crawford Salado is is being great panic when he's out there he picked up the ball we all know how get Brandon belt is but this is a team they feel like I'm saying they can win any game.

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