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Thank you, Mike. It is 3 50, Thailand welcomed in 2021 with fireworks in Bangkok, 54321. New Year's Eve celebrations. There were divided up into a number of smaller zones with a limited number of participants in attendance due to coronavirus measures in places with success against covert 19, such as New Zealand and Taiwan. They're celebrating his usual but experts are sounding the alarm about Large gatherings everywhere. Well, if you've ever had debt collectors come after you. You know how relentless they could be about contacting you by phone but is NBC for consumer reporter Susan Hogan tells us starting late next year, the rules for debt collection or changing, allowing collectors Be even more intrusive. It's annoying enough to get those phone calls from debt collectors. But now, folks, they're going to be able to start contacting you through your email, text and even your social media. Social media connects billions of people with family and friends. But soon you're going to get a message from someone. Perhaps you'd probably rather ignore a debt collector coming up today on news for it for what you need to know about your rights. Coming up. All right. There are some new details today in the deadly shooting of Andre Hill last week in Columbus, Ohio. Family attorney Ben Crump says body camera footage from the officers involved is revealing. He was struggling for life for five minutes and 11 seconds. He's on the ground struggling for breath, and none of the police officers render medical assistance to him, not one of them. The 47 year old unarmed black man was shot on December 22nd by a white police officer, Adam Coy Hill came out of a home garage, holding a cell phone in his hand. The officer who was fired this week told investigators that That Andre Hill was holding a gun. Hill did not have a weapon, and no weapons were found in the home. How would you feel about seeing an 18 year old behind the wheel of a commercial truck on the interstate? Well, the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing a pilot program to allow people as young as 18. To drive trucks across the country. The Washington Post says trucking companies see it as a way to recruit people at the beginning of their work life and show them a career in trucking. The federal trucking agency is reviewing the proposal. It's not clear when the program could begin, but the incoming Biden administration could decide to scrap or substantially revised the idea. As 2020 comes to a close, many of us are reflecting on how we made it through this year for Rabbi Bruce after and religious leaders of other faiths, live streams have helped to keep people connected or fixing a Missouri and somebody's house. Whether it be naming a baby virtually because people couldn't see their grandchildren a bar but mitzvah. But when the interim rabbi Achara Shalom in Leesburg had a heart attack, and his wife couldn't be there at the hospital, he was scared. I was being Created by a Palestinian woman and Ethiopian woman in a Southeast Asian woman. So all of them said to me have faith Rabbi after says his health scare has given him insight into the role of faith in the fight against Cupid that faith shows up in the love and compassion of frontline workers. The log unstained w T L P News we'll check money news. Next stocks on track to reach a record year Stay with us 3 54 start the new year, right during the.

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