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That, was her in, that video They divorced two years later though in nineteen Ninety-three the only less we, got married on the same day but I've. Been married twenty seven years now he was only married to Last time I saw him the prize at the Verizon wireless. Amphitheater the guy was. Messed up, he was begging. For dope on the stage wow. I'm not kidding you I never seen that before and then it was a few years later he was, dead twenty I'm sorry speaking of dead I. Just want to clarify abalone Yeah But she was not in purple rain right, now but that was her his. Protege, yes. Yes but so apple is still. Alive Zubaidi know what she's doing. Now No clue Next week we'll have to celebrate twenty three, years ago, nineteen ninety-five the Korean war Veterans Memorial was dedicated. In Washington DC was the forty second anniversary of the end of the Korean war in twenty two years ago hundred. Ninety six a pipe bomb exploded at Centennial Olympic Park, in Atlanta killing one person and injuring more than. One hundred I remember I was right here when that happened was doing overnights at the time in fifteen, years ago two thousand three. Comedy legend Bob Hope died of pneumonia at the tender young age of, one hundred A hundred years old yeah wow that's kinda neat all right well you know we come. Up with these lists all the time of the least, healthiest restaurant meals I've got the updated two thousand. Eighteen version next.

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