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Ronco it's gonna be a nervous toronto crowd we thought that maybe the raptors you know it kind of salt this they're doing taking care of business one verse eight now that is no longer the case the raptors are definitely quite capable of losing games in the series that is quite turn i think they really what they need to do is they gotta go out and set the tone defensively david better defense than the wizards stu and as long as they can again keep them out of transition they should be all right in this series because the wizards shouldn't be able to score on them in the half court but you know if you're gonna give this much transition they can lose any of these games what i kept thinking about during the fourth quarter of this game was this idea that malcolm guelleh's articulated of david strategies and so there are certain things that you should do when you are an underdog to give yourself the best chance to win and what was so weird about this game was toronto was doing some of those even though they're the better team they were going for too much for offense if rebounds they were everyone while they were gambling they had some weird offensive possessions where they were like trying to draw fouls all that kind of stuff and you're better than them just trust that you're better than the other team yeah it's just a question of you know are they really right it's a well one other thing for the wizards that i want to mention i've been increasingly frustrated that in the early games of the series one the wizards were looking to find something tilana was out playing thomas editorinchief and so yeah you go with that you know budgets when lawson was not particularly good in this game saturday ski only played six minutes considering the way that the offense looked with him and sadyrin's key being a better basketball player than tylenol senate at this point scotty brooks has to go back in that direction.

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