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To the problem of gun violence orange color that says to hunters don't shoot me a group of chicago teens started the wear orange trend to honor the life of fifteen year old hadiyah pendleton who was shot and killed while walking home from school shannon watts founder of moms demand action says the white house needs real solutions to address gun violence not law's written by the gun lobby but actual laws that we see in place in some states that are significantly reducing the amount of gunda she says they're laying the groundwork for a congress that will take action pam coulter cbs news i ranking member of the north korean government is scheduled to travel to the white house today to handle over a letter kim jong un to president trump the rare visit comes on the heels of meetings between secretary of state by mike pompeo and the country's former military intelligence officer jason structure reports via skype from seoul on peyot says his talks with north korean on boy kim young joel were productive but there still is work ahead one of the major sticking points between north korea and the us is what really denuclearization means to each government druther notes kim young show is the most senior north korean official to visit the us in eighteen years opposition socialist leader pedro sanchez has won a vote to replace mariano rajoy as prime minister of spain it is the first ouster of serving spanish leader by the parliament in four decades of democracy sanchez won the no confidence vote by a slim majority roy is one of europe's longest serving heads of government lost the vote following corruption convictions last week involving former members of his conservative popular party joining us the jobless numbers out at seven thirty this morning jobless rate is fond of three point eight percent the lowest in eighteen years we'll have more on this with len walter coming up towards the top of the hour at seven fifty five a brain cramp for cleveland cavalier player had an impact on the game last night josh tell us.

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