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You're out and I'll bet your insurance is going to pay for to a nice note from one of our listeners the other day he went there and his Blue Cross Blue shield paid for it all there in Orland park by the way. So I want you to give them a call and make an appointment at seven or eight eight eight eight zero zero zero zero. Seven await Orland park. Eight eight eight. Think ache ache. Cake and zero zero zero zero. As in. Zero pain, and Atlantis. Rokon or in the studio d today which is where I'm standing we're all in the same house how are your kids very good I had a bright side for today because I didn't get to participate in this segment yeah my daughter learned. How to ride a bike and this weekend she is going to be showing off in front of her cousin France today yes Lance. And her getting together. Even though he's. Kinda you know Yeah he's, out of, it but he's still he's. Still got some good advice and training then it's the best feeling in, the world for. It once it's done it's a snap right it's like it just all of a sudden sounds like goes on one hour before, I was just about to. Say okay we're done for the. Day just wasn't working? I hurt. My wrist trying to balance her keep her up on the bike training wheels you're no. Training, wheels and then all of a sudden it just like you know I kinda tag tagged out my mom went and watched her for a. Little, while and then boom an, hour later she was, just like Doing, this on Michigan avenue Well we blocked traffic The three sources idea remember I. Remember, with your kids Like that that exact moment Yeah I will drive by the street where it. Happened it actually happened in a parking lot behind a. Restaurant and so when I dropped by that, restaurant I always think about that parking. Lot and I'm, like, oh for. Tori Right a helmet on his biggest day are just one of these I don't remember the first time, I did it though I have I was? Because I was on, the street I'm ridge in Rogers park and it's not a great street to be learning because, it's hard, when certain neighborhoods is hard to. Give give high where do you learn to ride. A bike and I was just I just my. Dad was pretending to hold onto the seat and then. All of a sudden you know that trick, I'm still owning on I'm still holding. On and I, just, took off Yeah I don't, remember Celtics, magical moment great great moment this. Is so unlike you, just a nice warm fuzzy Almost, relaxed Because I haven't looked down at the. Scratch here 'cause I didn't, ask you what's your Is, your phone And I'm and I was just packing and I. Turned everything off I just I didn't want to, think about. Anything you know and then I didn't listen to anything in the. In the car on the way here And I. Came in and I looked at our new Canard wagon in our off rolling out today Judah fall and we booze on there too yeah Yeah yeah. The Walter he's, fifth people were amazing. To us they've delivered. Now but they stocked it they, are the best girls are the best and the that's it's just. A So. I didn't look and. Then I looked down and I, say well he's back He's. Back on that happy, note role I'm the I'm walking out. Of the studio now now you may say whatever you wish Steve Cochran, show celebrate so it's not even a person on the, planet weekday mornings at seven twenty seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart, speaker users. Just say play WGN radio tune in next. Door and window bringing Judy paradox news, it is. Overcast sixty nine degrees, at O'Hare Illinois, Senator dick Durbin praising his colleague John McCain after the Arizona, Republicans, family announced today he is discontinuing medical treatment for brain, cancer derby calls. McCain determined courageous and tough Durbin says when he first met McCain he was starstruck McCain. Was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for. More than five and a half years John McCain Durbin says is. An American hero, other political friends also sending their praise and support a Republican leader Mitch McConnell saying, he's fortunate to call, John McCain his friend and send prayers at this difficult. Hour Arizona governor Doug. Ducey calling McCain in American hero who's always, put, his country Before. Himself and, it's been a model for Americans regardless. Of their political party, no comment yet from the president who. Has publicly disparaged John McCain the army is thinking McCain is it opens, a new modernization headquarters in Texas the idea of damage, control for President Trump is impossible according to mayor. Emanuel Emanuel, has a. Lot of experience handling White House fall out, he was chief of staff during part, of the. Obama administration this morning, Emmanuel toss the, current president some harsh criticism over recent inflammatory comments and behavior, making, headlines says he got elected we have as a country, going through four. Ways of who will stop yeah he's a person of the United States this is the. Consequences of a real bad decision a real. Battle Pam Jones WGN news the vice-president jumping into the fray over. The confirmation process, for supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh Democrats want the hearing postponed until they have more, documents related to Kavanagh's, past war if we lived in a more respectful time Judge cavenaugh would be overwhelmingly confirmed Mike Pence speaking at a Republican national lawyers association luncheon hurricane lane battering the Hawaiian islands, is the storm brushes by Maui right now it's not the rain. Causing problems in fact rain would be welcome it's a large wildfire. That's broken out the fire gaining in size in the wind jumping roads and. Khasi people to evacuate firefighters don't know what started the fire but stopping it. While dealing with a hurricane is proven tough so far in. Maui the hurricane has dumped almost no rain in the fire. His knocked down power. Of thousands of, people lane now a category two storm FEMA says it is very dangerous to be, outside the northwest Indiana father of two boys who died in the kankakee. River, this week has been formerly charged Eric. Patillo has been indicted on two counts of neglect. Of independent resulting. In debt and affidavit says Patillo told police he should not have been using heroin prior to. Watching, his sons while with them at the river investigators say that thirty four year old father tested. Positive for both heroin and marijuana is four And two year old sons were pulled from the water unresponsive, Tuesday Ryan, burrow WGN, news and, now it's WGN neighborhood news here's Kim Gordon wanna eat free meatballs. And shop at the same time. I ki-, has a pop up..

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