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To the mike gallagher show how are you why thank you your your seizing in this country a half hour to cut that out keep going just like all of us mike gallagher enjoys a compliment so why hold back now back to mike and the relief factor dot com studios i admit i always appreciate a compliment i got on the plane last night this is the funniest experience i get on the airplane and the flight attendant at the front of the plane is the nicest lady and her face lights up and she just beams and she said mike you're not gonna believe the story i have about you on this plane and i have to just do a shout out to angela a united flight attendant who is so terrific she listens all the time on out of akron w n i r and i've been on wnyc are in akron they're great powerhouse fm talk station and i've had a tremendous relationship with those guys for many many years and have always you know all love that station it's a it's a great great talk station out of akron and she's got an hour and a half commute she goes out of cleveland but she's got like a ninety minute commute to to her her flights i don i i never understand how white quite at work how it quite works with flight attendants because if they have the same schedule pretty much and i guess they're on call a lot anyway she said that she heard me on the radio say i'm going to cleveland for business and she said wow i'm going out of newark i wonder if mike gallagher might be on my plane so when you what.

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