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Dearborn section First Avenue will be narrowed to one lane in each direction on either side of the intersection Seattle transportation departments other marks this is a time when the whole city is under construction so everybody needs to give yourself just a little extra time they promise they'll be done on or before Sunday September twenty second that's a home game for the Seahawks them it's the last remaining section going structure at Merion street that work will continue on after the Dearborn closure is complete and once that's all done Seattle DOT crews could really ramp up work along the waterfront that massive project is supposed to be complete sometime in twenty twenty three Carling Johnson komo news well Dearborn is closed and First Avenue restricted Alaskan way will be open to four lanes to in each direction to help things move a little better an old bridge with a new name opens Saturday morning in Tacoma the fishing wars Memorial Bridge which used to be known as the P. wallop river bridges been shut down since may of last year crews had to replace one third of it they've also replaced eight Bering's added new street lighting sidewalks bike lanes and a new gateway structure there are some new information about a deadly hit and run crash in Kirkland the state patrol is now looking for a semi with a tanker trailer in connection to this crash the man who was killed was a place in a flat tire on the shoulder of I four or five his car's dash cam video shows a semi passing by troopers believe the man was hit by the rear dual wheels of the trailer they say it's possible the semi driver didn't even know where to. happened a construction worker has survived being hit by a car in Lacey the man in his forties was working in the media long Yelm highway when he stepped off the curb and was hit he was taken to the hospital he's expected to survive the driver is a woman in her seventies she was not cited police told the Olympian that speed was not a factor and she didn't show any signs of impairment. this time it'll for find out what's happening on this Thursday drive our triple a traffic update here's Kira they have a couple of issues right now we've been working with a crash on the shoulder north on I five it can do more in road and it's far been absolute parking lot from three twenty if you deal with that after heavy slowing from seventy second all the way to River Road in Seattle stuff from mid Boeing field to Seneca plus we have a stall in Seattle it's partially blocking the northbound I. five offering to Lake City way and the main line is busy from five twenty we have a crash in Renton it's partially blocking the ramp from northbound one six seven did north down four oh five causing slowdowns from two OO eight we didn't have a crash on the shoulder east bound I ninety near island crest way I believe that's now gone but it's slow down the drive from about right near it's taking twenty five minutes to go from Seattle to Bellevue you'll save yourself ten minutes using five twenty instead some more travel times is a quite a Seattle thirty nine minutes ran to develop you at forty five and live with the W. fifty three minute commute our next come traffic at eight fourteen traffic this time is brought to you by indeed dot com are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set.

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