Rubio, Billy Johnson, President Trump discussed on Howie Carr


Gene the owing lives on those fears have doled rubio it's probably god nate nate nate was really bad i mean this is this is like back to the bad old bolger days you know when you dig put the fic said the protect gene hack dean uh again need last night oh could go tonight i was coming back from baghdad dr niva night we're walking through the terminal b american airlines and i and i was thinking to myself about the poor trooper billy johnson win that up killing himself vietnam vet stopped whitey asia out of the country to montreal and a and then he wrote a report about it and a do caucus hacked the next day went over on instructions house yet the report just like they wanted to get this report he will get the report so as not to embarrass serial killing psychopathic ninety bolger whose brother was president of the massachusetts state senate and gene the the trooper like like god trooper savvier refused that gene over and he was transferred to the bone each uh which is the best the best posting a state trooper can get i think i think most of them would agree he was transferred to the booties end up killing himself and i was thinking when i when i was walking three airport ice you know ate anything can always happen i know history repeats itself and never gbs ultimately by thought right now you could not have a scandal like trooper billy johnson and white bolger that's why would i i didn't say at the you i was thinking at his we're walking through the uh uh i just assume that you're always thinking about some gangster stuff while given in areas the remind gangsters which is pretty much all pretty much everywhere ana and yesterday molly has a knee it just hadn't seen uh uh as yet i just didn't know about it i want to bodycam footage was that were we to find out if the troop were in a body slam uh i don't think so but uh i.

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