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Of the floor stays, which is like a very there's a lot of force going through there. So it still feels like the car has huge potential. But these issues that sort of circle around each other and just there's this very much just spiral feeling that they need to fix that stop that cycle and then there could be to see the true potential of it. There's no guarantee that that car will be able to match what Red Bull and Ferrari capable of doing. But there's definitely more to come from it. And I think that's where Hamilton's getting this frustration is like, right, we have something here, but we know that this championship is not going to be in our hands at all if we don't fix it within the next three, four races and that's even with 20 races to go. They know the score. So yeah, it's going to be a big ask, but the next two, three races are going to be going to be cater that. All the talk is of massive, unlocked potential, but that's no use to them. All the numbers say that in theory, we've got a really fast car here, well, that's nice for you. Totally understand his dejection. I'll cheer up some Lewis Hamilton fans today to by reminding them that as of now, he is three points ahead of Max Verstappen in the driver's championships. It's still second place in the George Russell. So that's it. They have a relatively reliable car. But yes, it's an intriguing one. And you do wonder, this is going to be the true test of you've seen years of dominance of Mercedes and they fought off various fights. Okay, they lost to snapping in the drivers fight last year under some very difficult and controversial circumstances. But this is by far their toughest challenge since they came to Formula One as Mercedes Grand Prix. Absolutely. Yeah, we'll be fascinating to see how they how they do over the next, I would say, yeah, imola, Miami after that and then Barcelona, which is sort of like a test bed track. If they're still struggling after those three, it's going to be painful. I really will be. Thank you, sir. Hayden Cobb is editor of auto sport dots come I don't write articles for the website. So I don't mind saying they are the best in the business. You should go and read all the things these guys and girls write. It's amazing stuff. I just hear that I'm here to talk and make podcasts for all sorts of shapes and sizes. But what you guys have done today and on auto sport plus as well, check out that and we will see you again tomorrow after the sprint race well I won't because we'll be doing our usual Saturday podcast with the guys at the circuit so this week it would be Luke and Matt Q, who may well be coming from their higher cars. I think we've put them in a hotel. About an hour away from the circuit, I think they have time to kill and do some recording. I'm sure, looking forward to hearing that in the meantime, thanks for listening. We'll see you soon..

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