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But at the time i was certainly ready for something different thing where the good guys just didn't win constantly and it does seem like there is you know it's a little empire strikes back eat that you can already see in this episode the engines that could've in jim like the okay will yar robin he made had a great victory but then again dany seems like she's in dire straits and cal in that setting it's not just ned there's a lot of things spitting out of the viewers control the feels like like no no no but in game of thrones fashioned the give you just enough hope that you're just not ready to slam the book against the wall or the leader of see the series pass herve whatever ito yeah there there are other things to cling to and i certainly enjoying the rest of of what i've seen except maybe with the exception of danny's plotline i think it's getting a little little repetitive vin in its in certain scenes minister land repetitive you so yeah i i i'm not sure i like how it's kind of just this endless cycle of i command something people tell her that she's just to khalif sees nothing without drago and that's not the way it's done in directed culture and she orders it anyway and then people comply like it just seems to be over and over that she is paying i mean i liked the fact that a least she's paying a price for that and the young in um in a lesser series like it like even cutting leads a head off which is not fun but i i was really watching and like they really sell this like.

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