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Welcome to episode two of how we win. The run up to the twenty twenty election is going to be riveting and every week. We're sharing stories from the field all over the country. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. We'll give you the tools. You need to jump in and make a difference right now. On today's episode. Steve has a conversation with the founder founder and Executive Director of Women's March Los Angeles Emiliana get she has an incredible story that starts as an undocumented immigrant living in the Chicago projects and culminates with her helping to organize seven hundred thousand people in the streets of La and working to help win democratic victories all over the country then you're going to hear about the North Carolina Special Election this Tuesday September tenth and how we can help flip a forty first congressional seat. I'm Steve Pearson and Mariah Craven. I and this is how we went. Hey Steve we are are episode to episode to really Labor Day coming gone. Yes summer's over ish summer's pretty much over. Kids are back in school. Usually officials start to campaign season which is always eating. Yes aiding ties no longer about early organizing. It's like everyone needs to be in this doing it right. Now and there are people who are doing it. We're going to talk about a special election. That's coming up North Carolina looking to flip our forty first seat. The midterms actually aren't over yet. We were congressional seat to flip yeah one thing that might ah impact that election is actually Hurricane Dorian wishes as of right now has been really devastating and also concerned for are people on the East Coast that look to be in its path were thinking about everyone who's being affected by it and it's always a good time to talk about the direct and obvious effect that climate change is having on these super storms that we're seeing that get worse and worse every year we have record-breaking catastrophic storms that are a direct result of climate change absolutely the warming rising waters are without a doubt impacting both the size and intensity of the storm as well as the devastation havoc they wreak in in their wake and and I know we have a lot of climate change deniers in in leadership right now. It's really hard to understand what they're thinking. Yeah yeah in this is a surprise donald trump yeah that never heard it never heard of a cat five except for the. I don't know fifteen twenty times. He's talked about it over the last few yeah yeah. You know who's calling him out on this. Though is credit tune. Berg who's in the states after a boat trek across the Atlantic so that she wouldn't release any carbon emissions. Tell everyone who Greta Thunberg is who doesn't know who she is because she's spectacular. She's she's pretty impressive. She's a sixteen year old. Swedish girl who just started pro skipping school on Fridays to protest is climate change raise awareness in Sweden and as a result is now in the US where she's inspired other young people to do similar actions around the country on Fridays and around the world and she'll be speaking at the UN climate action summit later this month. It's amazing. It's amazing and it's a It's the perfect example of somebody looking at the world around them in saying what can I do figuring it out and inspiring others to do it. It's Greta Thunberg typer into Youtube. Check out her video speech. It's really I'm sure. Most of you have seen it but it's incredibly compelling. She's awesome. People like Greta going to save us all yeah young people young people. I you know I purposefully didn't say young people because they didn't want. I didn't want to sound like really old like these young young people. They're GONNA save us. Kids kids are going to do it but it's true anyway moving on to some more stuff that happened over the week more mass shootings in Texas and Alabama which is just more reason why we need to flip the Senate and get some politicians in there with the will to move forward on this great gun legislation that the House has already passed. Yeah we talked about this last week with a a Congress member. Katie Hill who shared a little bit of information about the bill that was passed in the house earlier this year that of course the Senate isn't even going to consider right so there are moments flake. These where you know we look back we are in our in our in our are descendants are going to look back and say what were they thinking. What were they thinking. Why why didn't they do anything and I think we've all had those moments where we look back on our country's history but I think about Sandy Hook being one of those moments and I think that August Twentieth Nineteen fifty three people all were murdered and mass shootings is going to be one of those moments where we aren't doing enough. We're doing some things it's going to boil down to take back the Senate and having the majority there to get this legislation through because Mitch McConnell refuses to bring any gun legislation to the floor but but we just saw that Walmart's GonNa suspend their sales of handgun ammunition and they're going to stop selling handguns in Alaska. which is the last place they actually sell handguns? That's an incremental step but kinda surprising to see from Walmart. Yeah there. There was a mass shooting out of Walmart in Texas last month. Is Everyone so tragic that that's what it takes to to get a company to take action but at least there's a you know a baby step in the right direction and I think as long as we do have leadership in the White House and Senate so economically focused focused on the NRA the change is going to have to come from the outside so Kudos to Walmart for taking that step and to all the activist I who have been pushing this to the forefront presidential candidates who were all talking about it in no uncertain in strong terms. I'm looking at you bet. Oh Oh and everyone else I mean this climate change to thanks. We've been talking about right. Now are the essential issues to us into the world right now and and the the majority of voters want change in these areas even Republicans background check legislation is almost ninety percent favorable. It's like eighty five to ninety percent favorable don't quote me on the exact stat but even among. Republicans even among NRA card holding Republicans Republicans they want better background checks. They want safer schools and communities so yeah. I'm another reason for hope. is that the trump administration appears to be reversing a decision that would have deported immigrants who are here. You're with medical emergency issues right. This just broke on Monday and many people may have seen the story of this a Young Woman Maria Isabel Wessel who is a Guatemalan woman who has a very rare disease that creates like dwarfism visit them and some abnormalities and there's been a experimental treatment that has been saving her life and has the potential to save other lives. 'cause she's part of this. This program to test this drug and the trump administration was just going to send her back to Guatemala where her doctor said she would certainly you get sick and die wow so because of the public outcry over this and the attention that it got they have reversed their decision on this yeah yeah. I think this is a really important point because I believe that the administration had sent letters to a group of people who would have been impacted acted by this that led them to believe that they had thirty three days before they were. GonNa be deported. They'd leave in thirty three days or face deportation right and so thank you to all the people who spoke up on behalf of this group of people for for him. Deportation would have been a life or death hat decisions. That's right yeah that's right. It happened by making this viral by sharing these stories by you know it just really blew up on on twitter and all that so we need to continue continue to highlight these stories and raise them up well. Let's get started.

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