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Been arrested eighty two year old Samuel seventeen I was accused of committing at least ten burglaries of upscale vacant apartments in Manhattan typically on Memorial Day Labor Day and the fourth of July I'm in case. the road no problems on the self however eastbound even for heavy from the tri state over to watch you get through the construction Kennedy is twenty seven the airport invented a half hour around the I thirty one a man I'm forty four to the three ninety in down thirty six Steve it's in twenty six to the tri state thirty six to three fifty five inbound again forty a Ryan heavy thirty first to the circle of twenty five in from ninety fifth that's only for Dr heavy for both the Chicago and they grant park field we do have a soccer game at five thirty tonight watch for delays northbound Stevenson Soldier Field from the W. well as they may ninety traffic center I'm schedulers the look of the roads in thirty minutes. gorgeous car showcase recent history against the beautiful fall colors at road America in Elkhart lake Wisconsin our weekend September thirteenth over five hundred cars this year for the. a sanctioned event possibly a record entry list with the fiftieth anniversary a formula for a huge weekend of vintage cars friendly Pat on weekend camping and much more so get your tickets now at road America dot com or call one eight hundred three six five race road America your national park is. are you an over thinker hi Rick Adelman here hosted the wreck element show right here every weekend in three decades of serving folks like you and almond financial engines we've made.

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