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It's the south florida morning. Show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty w mt l. Right now at this moment other than the immune compromised. We're not going to be giving boosters to people but we will be following them very carefully and if they do need it we'll be ready to give it to them now. It's not our favorite thing to start off your morning with a little dictator. But i figured who is pretty important. He was on good morning. America this morning talking about that third shot. The booster shot didn't sound like right now. But let me ask you this. I mean following them very closely. I guess they listen to whatever the food and drug administration now says i. It was the cdc then. It was the national institutes health. It's the fda who listen into. Is it the fda. That's making the announcement tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's the fda. And i'm like yeah tomorrow where they come from those with a compromised immune system. I thought she was talking about following those with the compromised immune system. Oh can i listen to get. Maybe i misunderstood. He should have been clearer twice. But let's get this right now at this moment other than the immune compromised. We're not going to be giving boosters to people but we will be following them very carefully and if they do need it. We'll be ready to give it to them. You're right rates following people. He's referring to those with compromised immune systems who. I'm sure the hospitals and doctors know about anyway. Believe and it's probably somebody who's fighting You know Some type of disease. Maybe you just had a transplant. I mean you know if you're in a compromised position but they said the fda is gonna come out with it probably by tomorrow and say that you're gonna need a third booster and then wouldn't surprise. Me i am. I'm assuming by tober if not sooner go. They'll say the average american needs a booster. They've already got people afraid of the the first shot because the messaging was so messed up. I can't tell you how many people think that if they got this first shot that the the series of shots the first ones that horrific things are gonna happen in the future to show their bodies. There's no doubt they were like no one's tested it. They don't know well. And that's not and i can't fault because of the information that's out there fault anybody. It's going to have to be a personal health choice. But there's been so much bad information on both sides. Can we admit that. Oh i i agree. Yeah it's it's you know. Somebody's got to just sit down and tell the american people the facts. This is it. Yeah stop scaring people and and this whole thing with cases you know last it started. When did they switch remember. Originally it was like i. It was how many people were dying and and that in itself is horrific but then as the good news was as deaths were diminishing substantially they went. Oh we're gonna talk about cases now because there's twenty eight thousand cases a day yet. Nobody died it was early summer last year when cnn's of the world were pushing case numbers. Throbbing case number member. And i'm telling you especially. Now that's the worst metric to measure the severity of this thing and how it affects the country especially now. Because you've got you've got. Tell me i hate to say tell me about deaths and serious hospitalizations before you start thinking about locking people down again and when you do that and unfortunately leases. Tell me is it. Because they weren't vaccinated was it because they were old was it because they had a disease you know. Could you give more details..

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