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Wins news time 11 15 Back to work on Capitol Hill, with members of the US Senate returning after the summer recess. Still on the agenda, a Corona virus relief bill with negotiators between negotiations that is between the White House and Democrats still at an impasse. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell XAS. Senate Republicans plan to hold a vote this week on their own relief package. The bill would reinstate lapsed federal unemployment benefits at $300 per week. Half their previous level and allocate $105 billion for schools and funds for testing and the Postal Service. A Democratic leaders want to restore the $600 unemployment benefit. And they've refused to consider any measure below $2.2 trillion Democrats in the House of past a $3 trillion relief bill, which has gone nowhere in the Senate. The U. S government stimulus checks went out over the summer and one found its way all the way to Austria. Retiree who received it hasn't lived in the United States for more than half a century checks with President Donald Trump's name on them. Ah, part of a massive federal stimulus program. But the money has also been sent to people who just aren't eligible. Including deceased American taxpayers. Now Austrian public broadcaster O R F has reported that a retiree who had worked as a waiter in the US for two years in the 19 sixties, was able to cash his check and his wife got 120 F says banks in Austria confirm they cashed dozens of checks for residents of the Alpine country. It's unclear how many of them were entitled to the money. I'm Charles Ledesma for 100 Nights, 77 year old Peter Clarke walked outside his house in Bow, New Hampshire, trumpet in hand and played his favorite tune..

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