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All the patriots a wining they get all the calls year but the fact that it was pittsburgh against new england it feels like there are more nfl fans who are interested in this topic of it was the other way around in the steelers beat the patriots by something like that then uh i think it i think it'd be a whole lot different here yes when you love to see the winning coach in a situation like this one and benefited from a backup on what they blew it thank you gift that's apted um it's a terrible can't believe the cold it's a tribute on stone but we'll take it or onto buffalo all right we'll take a break mike pereira will answer the tough questions next radd power bikes is a consumer direct electric by company producing four unique models of electric bikes because read power bikes a consumer direct brand buyers get a premium electric bike without paying the huge markups caused by dealers and third party retailers their price they're up in less than half the price of comparable bikes in the market because earlier in retail markups are cut out it was started by three french who couldn't find a performance electric bike that didn't have an absurd price tag they started building electric bikes in two thousand seven at seven hundred fifty watts of power all four models have the most powerful motoring e by can have while maintaining a street legal status no license required righted anywhere you could ride a bicycle all four models can reach twenty miles per hour with zero peddling all four models give writers the choice to ride pedal free with throttle utilize five levels of pedal assists for an added boost or combination of the two riders can travel between twenty to forty miles and a single charge go to read power bikes dot com slash patrick for more info that red power bikes dot com slash patrick for more info use code patrick to receive seventy five bucks off your next electric bike seventy five bucks off go to it hey there diehards here's some football facts even you may not know about the first football games played an eighteen sixty nine and in an average game the balls typically in play for only about eleven minutes and finally pizza consumption rates go up during the week.

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