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Chance will reed it on the show i also raise some questions but i prefer questions like this from allen in winthrop winthrop went through when thriving went through went through hey sterling lana mallory in ciro is it supposed to be civil shepherd right oh a simple then it shepherds you know civil shepherd is adam yes i know civil shepherd is but i don't know who's weird 'cause you larry you're not close to each other on your keypad auto correct could be but am i supposed to know who lotta shepherded mallory shepherd are i mean everybody knows this is not this is that shepherds i'm sorry like you can't just say that i'm looking through the shepherds it's just not the case this is the famous cheaper this is archer from this is all writer archer it's a larger the upper terrible i i'm buying heavily into these zero rb draft strategy in my ten team league this year especially if i'm picking after the five spot hypothetically hypothetically if i took three premium wide receivers shepherds be afraid if i took three premium wide receivers and tight end like earth sir kiddle a would i be wise to corner the market on running back platoons for run heavy teams around five through nine like carson in penny montgomery in co inner coleman in mckinnon a what would you do if you took three wide receivers and tight end with their first four picks and a ten team league when you get away with that seem like you're still gonna be hard like i dunno of jerick mckinnon is gonna get drafted a lot of ten team league but it's gonna be hard to get chris carson david montgomery entry to win maybe get album yet so that that will be the difficult part one guy but definitely target in this approach 'em would kenyan drake yep i i think those you just have an idea of okay i want the seattle back to you take carson and then i would go penny right after if you wanna lock well i wouldn't get cute i wouldn't i wouldn't take tiny round six but i think you can get carson in montgomery like that's not a bad or or drake with one of those other guys that's not a bad way to start or very poor you know and and the thing about it is i i i disagree with you heath on mckinnon because i think once we get to the middle to the end of august and we have idea who the second guys gonna be that guy's gonna get drafted whereas mckinnon rubbery right we just don't know if it's gonna be border where beginning go yesterday i'm not talking now okay i'm telling you wants to mccain definitely got drafted 'cause we went sixteen so he went yesterday yeah a i i just think that as that that second guy emerges because right now tevin coleman is gonna have to be pulled from that job just because he's healthy so you can you can get tevin coleman and then just if you're doing you're drive now you know you just take a shot on on who the second guy maybe mccain when a hundred and six overall yesterday p pr draft that's round nine in a twelve team league this the ten team league so if you are going zero rb spending two picks on one backfield i don't know that that that's the right thing to do 'cause i don't know how you guys on the.

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