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All of the beer guys on facebook twitter and instagram. M okay now back to the beer guy's radio show welcome back to beer renisha a quick shout out to one of our great radio. Affiliates w e r. L nine fifty. Am in eagle river. Wisconsin gets guy's radio and w e r l every saturday at eight am. I'll skip back to up country brewing company john. We are currently sipping on ginger juice over here and could you tell us a little bit about this. It's pretty interesting stuff absolutely. This is one of my favorites right now so this is a collaboration. We do with a company called a beverage of asheville north carolina. they're a non alcoholic. Ginger beer company actually one of the founders used to work for us as a bartender at the top room. He came in one day. He's like yeah. I'm going to start up a soda company. My good luck man. But they are killed. They're doing a great job so we wanted to do a hard alcohol version of one of their beverages and that's what the sipping on ginger juice is so it actually has honest to god kuku amounts of real ginger and real linemen this. Let's tasty so we've tried the basic version. Which is the ginger line. You gotta cherry version here. And i think brian we both agreed that we really like there was a big ginger punch. Oh yes in the base. One that we both. I really like just the boldness of ginger in a beverage me as well. Yeah yeah it's a good but the the other one scott's a just a bit of cherry to is. He's not a huge match area. It's it's very pleasant as well. So was that a collaboration with yet another company was so there is a brewery close to where i live actually live in south carolina in seneca south carolina's a place called kiwi brewing company. And alex is a really good guy was watching him as he got ready to open up last year. We wanted to do a collaboration together and we decided to do the the seltzer ginger beer and we had not done at cherry version yet. So what's your tasting is actually our first test batch of cherry version. So what are your plans for the next batch. More terry marceca jerry jerry. I think that'll be approved by all people who've sample at this evening so good stuff man. Good stuff so upcountry dive back into the brewery there. You mentioned you've got your two locations your original location you actually bought. I believe it was awesome. It ruin that correct is located in west asheville road. We call k. west asheville because it's very fashionable ashes. Not that big. Though d need west and south slope west asheville. It what four town of what one hundred thousand people that has thirty something breweries in it. Yeah you have to divide it like that. Okay gotta know. You're just the thirty breweries into manageable. Chunks get everything. They are kind of works in neighborhood. So obviously you guys know the south slope. You know where everyone's located right so west asheville tends to be more of the local area so when when everyone's trying to get away from the tourist they're hanging out with us. Okay all right. Cool stuff buying another brewery. That was an existing burri in that. What are the pros and cons to go on that route john. So the pro is that it's their right. It's set up youth ready to go. You can look at it at a time. Takeover start brewing well with licensing of course Cons are the makes it. you know. there's there's something already there so it takes time. It's hard to transition when you try to come in with a different idea. That different brand. Did it work out for you. I mean was there anything like oh man you know because i know a brewer. You like to have the brew house setup for your flow right. Sure but i i. The reason i went there is because i really liked the place right. I wouldn't have gone otherwise so sure. There's some minor things here and there but overall we've been there for years now and i'm still having fun. That's still in love with All right we're doing. A research is looking around at your second location. The reverse location. So you've got no food there and you have to operate as a private club because of the laws there. I'm about how that works. I've heard of things operating as a private club. But i don't know what happens there with that. So that's north carolina loyal and to sell liquor. If you don't have food you have to be a private club. In order to sell liquor as a restaurant you have to have a thirty percent food sales which is actually very generous compared to larger places but we set up as a private membership club. And if you go into actual you go to a lot of bars. Their private clubs. That's just kind of the way it's done so you come in you. Pay a small membership fee in. Enjoy yourself so is it every time you come in or do you get a special key card or something like that dollar per year to be a member. Yeah when i lived in arkansas. They did that. Certain places like a lot of places would have to close it like twelve a m but private clubs quote unquote itself into like three. So you go in and you'd pay like five dollars for year membership and you go to these private clubs and we had other towns that were totally dry. With exception of private clubs. So they're like oh really really. This applebee's is a private for really so dollar membership at the door. But it worked out have bounced at the front of the applebee's because that would be amazing. Most of your local asheville citizens tend to be members of you know. Twenty plus private clubs. Sure yep just make sure that they can go get a drink when they want to right right. Yeah so now. I saw in another interview. John we're talking about so much talk especially with covid. You know what's happening to brewing. And they've been talking about the bubble for years now and that's something we actually had bart watson Chief economist at the birds association on kind of talk about the bubble a couple years ago and i had read in an interview that you said you basically thank for smaller breweries. There really isn't going to be a bubble correct. Yes tonight i apologize. I don't recall that. But i will tell you what i say about the bubble now and how you can tell. It's cova changed everything. And unfortunately i really do believe. They'll be some barista. Don't make it through this. I i hate to say that. But it's it's really tough out there right now especially if you're taproom only and you don't have distribution. You're relying on draft. It's i mean it's bad. It's jer brata but i think not so much a bubble but how you can tell. The industry really changed years ago. You know domestic would come out with something. New michelob. ultra came out in craft. Brewers would look at it and kind of laugh right. I mean obviously we try and see how they did it but you'd laugh at it seltzer. Came out in every craft. brewer says. oh we're going to make one. That's the difference between then and efforts. Yeah well that's something. I'd said i kinda. We've kind of thrown salt. Around about cranberries doing south is. We're like come on guys. You know we heard ya two years ago talking to the bay you know about. Hey this craft brewed heart. Ingredients is that now. You're alcoholism sugar water with fruit. Yeah it's like come on come on work with us. But it is something in i hearken back to the wine cooler boom of the nineties. There was no craft brewery. They're put out wine course. I think it has a lot to do with eight thousand plus burris being in the country. Now yeah a lot of people are changing into beverage companies. That's what we're doing. I mean you see that with. Abc that with miller. Molson everybody right and we're taking the same tax that's why we're doing this sipping ginger juice. We're actually in the process of getting a winery in a distillery license so that we can be an alcoholic beverage company. I've got some cool things lined up you know. Let's let's wait.

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