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The boys at everybody knew out you find out. He hit a big horse race. He was less than two on the side the whole time we were. We were playing Vancouver in round round two. Have Been Twenty Ten and Kentucky derbies going on right April right? Maybe me off Sallie Mae. Yeah so we He's in the horses. I don't know what not so I can't explain it. But you can hear him in the back room because he hit whatever he bet. Run you bastard rod and then he comes in for the pre-game about herb. The pregame speech is like nothing happened. All Right Watch the AKZO WATCH BOROUGHS. Make sure we have a good gain here. Here's the best. We Love Shit. I WANNA go to game six cup that year. Did you know Kane scored right away? Will you missed the fight? Like everybody else mystify. Because I was I was the the pigeon or so to speak. That wasn't in the game and I put my year. We the fourteenth floor. I knew my role well-poised new my role guys make sure you're not seeing though you'll go. I trust but yeah. It was crazy because so we're up. I don't remember the score. Whatever three to we're up a goal anyway and it's third period then there's me and boorish Bryan bickell view the black aces let's go. Put our gear on. So we're going to start getting her gear on. We're dressed and phillies scores late to tie it like six minutes left in the game to tie it. And we're like motherfucker. All the guys were going to jinx all the guys are going to see us in our gear will. The game goes over time and we dock into like the little massage room phillies like a little closet across from the training room and we had it set up as the massage room. And we're like hiding in there. Then we're like fuck. What if they score and overtime and we gotta take all our gear off? Just feel like this complete loser and like we changed it for all the guys. So we're watching on like a little tiny TV screen in the in the dressing room and cater scores or we didn't offer winning. We ran out to the bench and we stop at the bench and same thing. We're like do we go on the ice. Do not go on the ice because if it's not a goal I don't want to be picking on my shit up escape backing the scene penalty because you're out there and you're on the roster so we went a bucket and we just went out there and celebrated with the guys thank God it was in because I would have felt like a real big donkey escape back off the ice and down the hallway and back into the room. What do you remember about Chicago after that title because just the crowd and that was what people really started? Learn about how crazy the anthem was because they hadn't been good for such a long time. You know and it was just fun to watch the Blackhawks these young studs young team and then I remember your celebrations being crazy. And maybe that's because like right when social media was getting big twitter and stuff but that must have been the craziest couple of weeks year life. It was It was crazy crazy for the single guys. My wife was pregnant with our first saw. It wasn't that crazy but like loser but you can literally do whatever you wanted and it would. It was like we didn't know how it's GonNa go either so it was like day one. It's let's go rocket barring grill and the COP shows up and it's instantly. Assia people like the play. It's like one o'clock in the afternoon on a Tuesday. I don't know what day it was and it was slammed like it was Saturday night. Three in the morning strays and they had like a limo bus. And the police would police escort us. And then they'd roped off so we could get in and out of the bar so we just went like Barda Bar bar will pretty soon this limo bus at five hundred thousand fucking people in this thing. People tasers sitting on the roof and people are like jaw day eight cities on your roof for the Limo bias. Going from bar to bar. It was just like we didn't pay for anything for the whole time. There's nothing like airing is free. We have jokes. Who Go the rank in the morning like free starbucks today free whenever eight. W whatever you're fucking eat for breakfast like everything's free never paid for anything. It was just like I know you're Hawkeye. Your Hawk was any wanted to do. Had this officer officer Tom Baker on Speed that's Dhabi tax at three in the morning. Where our underground can? I'll be right there. Now come into the bar you'll find it. It'll take your home and you're flipping the lights on your people through the the microphone no-holds-barred man aiming you bury a few bodies usual Saturday Chicago couple. Oh my goodness going back to Kane for a second. He the most skilled teammate. You've ever had at any level. Yeah for sure for sure. And I touched on earlier. Like competitiveness like not. You don't have to be a super competitive guy you don't have to run people through the building and you don't have to fight and you don't have to body check but he just is competitive in the sense. He wants the pocket he wants to be the guy and he's a big game player and he plays Bass Games in big games. Ot winners Patrick's clinching games skilled. Smart name competitive. He's a special player. One of the best really. I mean boys have. We pretty much covered everything there is to cover. Chicago because we still have a lot to touch on with La. Is there anything that you WANNA talk about Chicago specifically water? Am I best city in if you guys? Yeah Oh Yeah I. I'm on that train. Yeah if there's your free agent you WanNa sign in a city. I mean the organization. Is they treat you so good they give you any resource possible To give yourself a chance to player that I mean they're American league team gets treated like the NHL it's The Best Organization sports the Model Organization and I feel lucky to of been a part of it really some people forget you spent a year in Edmonton. Now we've talked to some guys from. I forget while I was GonNa say some guys essentially going back home. It's not usually a good story. There's more pressure added to it. More people ringing up their phone for tickets all time you know. They can't wait to get the fuck out what I mean just like I was excited. I to be honest with you okay. Stanley Cup. Didn't play law didn't play in playoffs. I'm to ten worst team. The League play more not opposite played. Less like could barely get on the ice man. It was unbelievable rape from the start. I was like it was just such long on the fourth and a half line from the first day camp literally whatever I know my ability and I know the type of player but I'm just begging for chance. Just give me an opportunity. You know on the you show up and you'd have a different Color Jersey then absolutely everyone and that's not a good sign. Yeah no or. I don't know if this happened you busy but I always knew if I wasn't playing. 'cause assistant coaches wouldn't say good morning to me so I'd always be like oh I'm out tonight. What do you mean? I didn't get a good morning to. He feels bad or he just doesn't even want to look deal with me. You know when they would come say hi to you though and good morning was right before your bags skate. Once everyone left he's gone for the after practice practice. All boy here we go again are good is black aces in the on the Cup runs. That's the only time it's fun. Yeah that's out. Yeah the but what you. We're the WHOA thirtieth thirtieth place by a landslide. Yeah that was tough sledding. Man All my God. Any good player we had was hurt. We're addressing an American pollutant. By the end there were some games and I remember. That was wasn't that the season halls and he got his face stepped onto by party and it was a disaster guys linus ullmark though that was the highlight of the season doing spin instead. Amas T T T rennie. Tom came in and did this after he did that. As on oil change go check out oil change anyone. Is that what it's called? That'll sum it up for you. Oh Oil Changes. Some of the most incredible. Viewing you're falling around a dead last placed team in the League and it was hall and then Magnus priority who you know was Kinda with them is the three stars and then right away. You could tell he wasn't. It wasn't the same player it was just. It was ugly ugly. I was lighting it. Up My just. Having the seat of my life was on fire early heavy on fire abby fire and then boom ankle went out never the same. You know it is. Passion goes away after the body for me. There has to be some positives though. That was a young team. I'm sure you guys had some good times at least off the ice. I mean those guys that have stories all the time eighteen years old and Edmonton Hall and I mean they were legendary more five. I thought it was such a great group of guys though like I duNNo. I had a blast. I love him ski so quiet but funny do great to have beers with I mean. Tanner cracks me up. It was just with pens later on it was. It was a fun team that you just wish you could have been good. Oh Good Laddy Smith yet. Laddis meet on the show. He said he'd come onto. How Green would he be such a pussy? Such you are oldest young guy. I know all this young guy I know you could Busey such pussy. I my wife gave birth. I thought I just newborn babies like why are you? Why are you not Comfort Beers? Yours such pussy. You're like I'm responsible for another human being now. Rational you do. His voice. Perfect sat beside him all year. Fucking bullshit use such pussy phrase. I wanted to ask you played for Brent early in your career while up in red deer then you play for Darryl Sutter in L. A. did plan for Brent. Prepare you for dial in any way or are they completely different? They're very similar very very similar berry. Workmanlike back you. The best thing about them is it's black or white. Here's where you stand whether you like it or not. This is our fourth check. This is our neutral zone. You're playing. You're not playing whatever it is. There's none of this While in this situation you're going to do this but in this situation you got to do that. It's like this is what we're doing and the best thing about Darryl is. He treated everyone equally..

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