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Two Muslim groups in Sri Lanka condemned. The church attacks today and President Trump spoke with the prime minister and pledge support, including FBI assistance with the investigation. In the day's other news, President Trump said that he is not worried about impeachment not even a little bit as he put it. Some Democrats are pushing to begin impeachment proceedings based on his actions as described in the mullahs report. The report also relates multiple accounts of aids ignoring the president's directives, but he insisted today, quote, nobody disobeys my orders. The House Judiciary committee today. Subpoenaed one of those aides former White House counsel, Don Mcgann. The Muller reports has that Mcgann refused to fire the special counsel in two thousand seventeen. Meanwhile, the president and the Trump organization sued to block another subpoena. This one for their financial records in turn the house oversight committee chair democrat Elijah Cummings accused the White House of what he called unprecedented. Stonewalling five key nations that by Iranian oil now risk losing. Their favorite status with the United States, China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey were served notice that they must halt their Iranian oil imports by may second or face penalties. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said today the goal remains to deprive Iran's regime of critical revenue by cutting off all its oil sales. We are going to we how long we remain their ads depends solely on the Islamic Republic. Iran, senior leaders we've made our demands very clear to the and his cronies and your pursuit of nuclear weapons. Stop testing and proliferating ballistic missiles, stop sponsoring and committing terrorism halt, the arbitrary detention of US citizens sanctions announcement sent oil prices surging to their highest level since October. The Trump administration said that it will work with Saudi Arabia and the United era. Arab Emirates to ensure that the global oil market is stable US, Representative Seth malls. In Massachusetts is now the newest democrat in the twenty twenty presidential race. The forty year old marine veteran announced today he garnered attention last year when he sought to oust Nancy Pelosi as leader of House Democrats, we'll have a report from the campaign trail later in the program. The US supreme court will consider whether lesbians gays bisexuals and transsexuals are covered by federal law against sex discrimination. The court today accepted a case to be argued. This fall at issue is whether the nineteen sixty four Civil Rights Act extends to LGBT people. Federal appeals appellate courts have ruled that it does the latest numbers are in and two. Major government entitlement programs are still going broke program. Trustees reported today that medic. Care will be insolvent by twenty twenty six that is unchanged. From last year's estimate. Social security will run dry by twenty thirty five. That's one year later than the last estimate in economic news. One of the men President Trump was considering for the Federal Reserve Board. Former pizza company executive Herman Cain withdrew today from consideration. He faced questions about sexual harassment allegations and his qualifications for the job. Meanwhile, on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average lost forty eight points to close at twenty six thousand five eleven the NASDAQ rose seventeen points, and the S and P five hundred added about three and some thirty thousand children and parents gathered on the White House lawn today for the annual Easter egg roll the main event is always was the race to roll hard boiled eggs across the grounds. The White House tradition dates back to eighteen seventy eight. So the come on the.

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