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Scenes do for you what did you learn from that yeah i remember i did sit in a red share in laguna beach in uh after we had hit a first million of tablet circulation as without breaking a sweat and projected that we get to three million um other workout at didn't work out so well uh and there's a video record of that someplace i bet uh ran on funky player on earlier does so what are we learned from that obviously um you know uh the early sales of ipads himself skyrocket in then apple created larger screen phones as others dead and people you know shifted out uh and now you know you have a seveninch phone or rather the big picture was that we all thought the ipad was going to be this dominant devised and turns out the iphone was the the i found the largescreen iphone replace because you could the things you thought you do on a tablet in terms of reading newspapers and you know the iphone at the time was tiny you look at those early screens and um the thought was we needed that big canvas and obviously consumer attention shifted uh in many ways and um we found that is interesting that the first million of us relation came super easy and then every unit after they became incredibly difficult so i guess what i think about one ask you wanted to learn i think about when the next device when the next platform comes up and says we'd like to work with you were you how do you think about gauging how much energy are gonna invest in that there's a second question is will our answer our answer these things is yes and so um what did we learn you know we spent a fair amount of time and a modest amount of money didn't quite play out in the world of having a constantly uh interrupt what you do into innovate it was a success you know what it didn't quite achieve all that we hope the life went on you know the wasn't shortly low long thereafter that um evan spiegel came to our offices when snapchat was just naturally and said he's going to create a media product that will become the most important place for our audience to interact with who are.

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