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Dare yourself to be without a at skunk was gone apple tv up it's got iphone app scott even got android apps roku apps basically every streaming platform that you have the only thing that a dozen do is you can download for offline viewing but it's really is got that i i don't think there's much chance that when by gift subscription expose expires next year that i'm going to let this go i'm already kind of cut a sunk with its how 'bout jim henson's givoli inventive time travelling short which is a priority of tom jones so you gotta watch tom jones which boy adding now i have been able find out streaming for ages albert finney and then put it together with the jim henson yes that jim henson there he is with his head on a flatter uh short feature parody see what a great oh man this is awesome yeah has not yet features is shorts documentaries it's also like cut bonus content you would find on dvds and blue raise it's just a it's a target rich environment let's say last chance to subscribe to its to watch it's a mad mad mad mad world limited engagement ends new year's eve that'll be good news even movie to watch the my my local channel thirty to think in boston used to run it every new year's eve and get it scarred me the first time i watched it so bow ties after that it was like ouglat let us notably extra so i think there including the criterion collection extras is an extended cut others commentary stand freberg there's an introduction uh wow this is really need these are all extras that you really wouldn't get unless you the radio ads why with that's that's one thing i don't like about i'm disappointed but with netflixing.

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