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Like Mothers Day celebrating this year, certainly going to be different. For some of US are dads are no longer with us. It's been twenty three years now since my dad passed on, but that doesn't mean I don't take a few minutes out of today and think about him. If your dad still with you, please take a few minutes to let him know how much you care. On today, show I have a special your next I feature. I had a chance to sit down with Peter Cats. Talk about his adventure to the Mall Dis. Peter is a patty master instructor here with Scuba Shack and he also runs are awesome. Nassau Beach, Memorial. Day weekend. Although this year, we because Kobe, we had to move it back. We'll be going in October. We had a great conversation. It goes a little bit longer than a normal show, but it's real really worth it to hear all about the Maldives, so here's my conversation with Peter Cats on your next died the Maldives. A! Well today on this segment of your next I've. I told you. We're going to do something a little bit different and what I've asked. Peter Catch to join me here today. On the Scuba Shack Radio on your next dive to talk a little bit about his trip to the mall that just completed earlier this year, so welcome Peter to Scuba. Shock Radio Thank you jeff. But he used to be here. Yeah, so. I go a long way back. Heater was actually assistant instructor when I was taking my first patio open water class so I tell foot long pier and I've known one another so thanks Peter for for coming on board. Now you. You've dove all over the place. You've been all over the world diving. What made you decide to go out to the Maldives? Interesting that you ask that question. Preface by saying that I haven't really been all over the wow. I'm starting to cover a bit more especially since I'm now retired. But The Maldives has been on my bucket list of dive destinations and I started diving in nineteen, Eighty, seven, and I read a lot of scuba magazines with articles on exotic locations,.

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