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This is Tony Stewart here to tell you about a way veterans and servicemembers can get on the fast track for well-deserved benefits. It's called e benefits the website created by Indio, de that gives veterans service members and families instant access to more than forty benefits and services. It's a way to serve those who have served us to get started. Just go to WWW dot e benefits, VA DACA, or just do a search for VA benefits, brought you department of veterans affairs. It's been called shell shock war. Neurosis and battle. Fatigue today, we call it post traumatic stress disorder and it affects one out of every five warriors returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. The wounded warrior project offers comfort and support for warriors with PTSD and all other scars of war, whether those scars are visible or hidden find out how to help because for warriors the greatest casualty is being forgotten, please visit wounded warrior project dot org. Org. With your Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, I'm Vivian Williams about twenty five percent of Americans between fifty five and sixty four have some degree of hearing loss for those sixty five and over it's almost fifty percent. So what causes our hearing to deteriorate as we age vicious wear and tear yours. Never take a break. You think about there on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for entire life? Dr gala polling director of diagnostic radiology at mayo clinic, says most people with age related hearing loss have sensory neural hearing loss that implies that there's something wrong with the inner hair cells inside the coke. Leah. Or something beyond that part process. And there's also a conductive hearing loss. I mean, something is in the way blocking that sound or not transmitting that sound prior to that point, Dr polling recommends avoiding loud, noise, exposures whether.

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